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Why Islamic Emirate not Participated in Doha Meeting?

By: Abdul Zahir Haravi

Various governments have emerged in different forms and with different objectives, which were later acknowledged by established governments based on specific conditions. Similar to other governments, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan formed a government over the past few decades through jihadist movements and national and religious liberation movements during the decolonization process. Under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate government, which has been in power for approximately two and a half years, the new government has demonstrated commendable performance in areas such as security, economy, regional affairs, and even international relations. It operates as an independent country and government within the framework of international laws. Recognition of governments is subject to several conditions, including: 1. Independence: The Islamic Emirate has maintained complete independence and is not reliant on any other state. 2. Internal stability: The stability of a new government is a crucial factor in its recognition, and the strength and trust of the people in the Islamic Emirate government have contributed to its internal stability, which is unprecedented in Afghanistan’s history. 3. Willingness to fulfill international obligations: The Islamic Emirate respects international obligations based on national interests and commits not to allow Afghan territory to be used against other countries. 4. Government effectiveness: The Islamic Emirate has demonstrated its power and capability, particularly in terms of security, which is evident to all, including the Afghan people. The United Nations and unproductive meetings Regarding the United Nations and diplomatic efforts, based on the explanations provided and in accordance with international law, the Islamic Emirate should have been recognized instead of pursuing fruitless approaches. During this period, the United Nations organized various meetings and conferences on Afghanistan without the presence of official representatives from the country. This approach proved to be unproductive. The Islamic Emirate’s decision not to participate in the Doha meeting as a mere ceremonial guest was a measured action aimed at preserving Afghanistan’s independence and dignity As a strong and capable government, the Islamic Emirate has effectively engaged in diplomacy, holding official meetings with representatives from 35 countries since August, 2021. Considering the Islamic Emirate’s willingness to negotiate with all parties, including the United States, it raises the question of why the UN refuses to engage in official negotiations with such a successful and diplomatic government concerning Afghanistan. The conditions set by the Islamic Emirate for participation in the Doha meeting are based entirely on national interests, and the government does not follow anyone else’s agenda or orders. It is evident that the Islamic Emirate does not have time to engage in meaningless meetings. Further meetings on Afghanistan organized by the UN would not only be pointless but also futile. If the United Nations lacks the ability to accept the Islamic Emirate’s conditions, it certainly lacks the capacity to implement agreements. Therefore, why should IEA engage in dialogue with them? The Islamic Emirate expressed its desire to participate in the Doha meeting with specific conditions, in fact, the United Nations missed a significant and vital opportunity. The Islamic Emirate’s non-participation in the Doha meeting, contrary to political analysis, has not caused any harm but has maintained its independence. Perhaps the relevance of the United Nations has diminished, and a day may come when the United Nations will be compelled to hold such a meeting again by accepting the Islamic Emirate’s conditions. The Islamic Emirate’s arms are always open for meaningful and effective dialogue and interaction. alemarah

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.