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Why is the world ignoring the facts in Afghanistan?

Today, the world and all countries better know that the overall security situation has improved across Afghanistan, and the people are living in a peaceful environment. But, they are somehow afraid of the U.S. and the West; therefore, they’re ignoring the facts, cannot speak out, take position independently and make necessary decisions. Today, the situation has improved considerably in all areas in the country, and people are experiencing happy moments living in both cities and remote areas. Security has improved across the country, and reconstruction work is seen in all cities, towns and villages. Besides, the nation has been saved from the tyranny of the islands of power and irresponsible armed groups. After 45 years, the people of Afghanistan have become the owners of an independent powerful, and 100% Islamic government. Now that the country has been freed and the U.S. invasion has ended, it is time that all should give hands to do more for rebuilding the country. Rebuilding the country has been now the top priority of the Islamic Emirate and an important goal of both the nation and the government. The nation, along with the government, work together to take part in rebuilding the country. Despite all these positive changes in the past two and half years, the world is still ignoring the continued positive progress in Afghanistan. This means that the world, particularly the Western countries are making excuses and creating problems instead of entering positive engagement with the Islamic Emirate. For example, western countries use the issue of human rights as a tool for their political goals and want to achieve their political objectives through this issue, which they will not reach, and their condition is also unjustified. Since the Islamic Emirate takeover, the global community, particularly the Western countries, has consistently called for the immediate lifting of restrictions against women and girls in the country. The Islamic Emirate considers these global criticisms and their call for the protection of human rights as a tool for their political goals; therefore, they have been all rejected by the Islamic Emirate. It is time that the world should enter into positive interaction with the Islamic Emirate as all issues can be resolved through comprehensive negotiations. In the most recent move, the United Nations, representatives from China and Russia have urged the global community to engage constructively with the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan to bring about a positive change in the country’s situation. Like China and Russia, all other countries should speak out and urge for the international community’s constructive interaction with the Islamic Emirate. Contrary to the predictions of Western countries, China and Russia’s representatives in the UN have highlighted that Afghanistan has not experienced internal conflict under the existence of the Islamic Emirate. Geng Shuang, China’s envoy to the United Nations Security Council, echoed this sentiment and called on the international community to enhance trust between the Islamic Emirate and the world through increased communication. To facilitate confidence-building measures, both representatives have requested the United Nations Security Council to take necessary steps regarding the Islamic Emirate. This comes at a crucial juncture as the world grapples with the evolving situation in Afghanistan. The international community’s engagement with the Islamic Emirate could prove instrumental in achieving stability, peace, and progress in the war-torn nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.