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Why cooperation between government & nation important?

Governments are representatives of their nations. Governments are the protectors of their people’s political, economic, educational and social benefits and values. Besides, governments address their people’s needs and demands based on an organized strategy and plan.
An Islamic system has another characteristic which goes for the protection of their people’s thoughts and beliefs, which considers as a great and good goal. Each human being wants to be successful and has a dignified life. Besides, a human being wants to be economically self-sufficient, has access to education, and live in a peaceful and safe environment.
To reach such goals, both the government and the people as a nation have responsibilities and tasks. The government has the responsibility to give all lawful rights to its people, take care of their demands and interests and impose regulations and laws for the protection of public interests.
The people as a nation have the responsibility to observe the government’s regulations and laws and need to be committed to the laws. This is also the Holy Quran’s instruction to respect and observe any government’s regulations or laws.
Close coordination and cooperation are created between the government and rgw people as a nation when the government and nation fulfil their own responsibility as the government accepts the people’s lawful demands and hears their opinions and suggestions and the people observe and respect the government’s regulations and laws. When there’s close coordination and cooperation between the government and nation, they can easily reach their goals and succeed.
But, those governments and nations that do not know and fulfill their responsibilities in a better way as the government ignore its people’s lawful demands and does not hear their suggestions and the people as a nation do not observe the government’s regulations and decisions, in fact, end the spirit of cooperation and coordination needed between the government and people. This challenges the system and creates problems for both the nation and the government.
As Afghanistan has now an independent Islamic system, in order that the system continues and rules on Afghanistan with enduring freedom and independence, close cooperation and coordination are significant between the government and people as a nation.
This can be reached when each the government and nation fulfill its responsibilities in a better way.
Abu Safia

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