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Who benefits from insecurity in Afghanistan?

In recent months, with some momentums from the Islamic Emirate opposition groups abroad, our innocent citizens were martyred in some provinces by ruthless and brutal individuals. The act, however, will not be unrelated to the movements of warlords abroad, as they may not be directly involved in it, but with their movements, they provide the ground for such cowardly actions. So, such movements will not solve the problem. Rather, it will cause abuse by the enemies of the people of Afghanistan, therefore, considering the words and actions of the opponents in the past and at present, it is clear that they seek to escalate the crisis rather than resolve it. Currently, any move that causes the nation to suffer, is the greatest misery for the nation. Therefore, expanding the scope of the dispute leads to different orientations and consequently, plunging the country into the depths of internal conflict once again, would be an unforgivable betrayal against the people. This question may rise who will benefit from the insecurity in Afghanistan? It seems that those who seek to overthrow the country today will benefit the most because, in the past 20 years, they poured millions of U.S. dollars into their pockets under the name of serving the nation but they built luxury buildings inside and outside Afghanistan. Today, they are making efforts to achieve the same objectives and return to power. Therefore, they once again intend to advance their agenda by relying on the people. It is mentionable that the people know them well. What were their achievements during the long years of ruling as a representative of the people? On the other hand, accusing the Afghan government of being a puppet or an intelligence process is a sign of their lack of imprudence and misunderstanding of the people and the situation in Afghanistan. What else will be gained from shedding the blood of the innocent nation, the destruction of the country, the migration of people to other countries, and the poverty and the miserability of the nation? Today, the country’s economy is improving and officials in government institutions are working tirelessly to improve the livelihoods of the people. The current officials are familiar with the pain of the people and are not leaders who remain in Afghanistan while their families are abroad. Their families are indeed in this country, are feeling the pain of the people, and showing humility in front of the nation. The problems are being addressed one by one, and this itself gives hope for improvement. The people of Afghanistan must be vigilant because enemies will try to use every opportunity and will spare no effort to create problems and obstacles for the development of the country and demoralize the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.