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What is America looking for along Afghan-Pak border?

America has once again claimed the presence of the Islamic State’s Khurasan branch fighters along the areas bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. It said that Washington would be pursuing the militants everywhere they found in these regions. “Ongoing efforts to go after ISIS militants or ISIS senior leaders, of course, that is something that we continue to work on in the region.” This is clear that Washington is not going after terrorist groups in certain areas to fight and eliminate them as it has full information about what is happening in the region and even around the world, but, undoubtedly, it’s going after regional security to disturb it and use any disorder, chaos and mayhem in its interest. The baseless claim, about the presence, activities and momentum of ISIS-Khurasan province’s rebels along the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders, is being made by the Americans as a means to create distrust among the regional countries, particularly, to harm relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan and generally, the regional countries. Also, the Islamic Emirate has frequently blamed the U.S. for trying to create distrust between Afghanistan and regional countries by every day using the name of the so-called Islamic State. Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate has already made the Islamic system’s stance clear about America saying: “The Americans or American groups who are making these assertions, want to create misunderstanding and mistrust among regional countries. Also, this is a fact that the Americans have never wanted to leave Afghanistan, but, they were forced to leave; either by the Islamic Emirate’s Mujahidin or under a bilateral accord, agreed on, in Doha. So, it is now willing to return to Afghanistan, but how should the goal achieved? Once again direct invasion and occupation of the country which has now become impossible, as the Islamic Emirate no longer wants foreigners in the country, but, through seeking different excuses, it thinks maybe a bit accessible by breaking airspace between Afghanistan and its neighbors in the name pursuing ISIS militants. The statement by America comes as a few days ago, some American media outlets reported the arrest of eight people, with six Tajikistan citizens, on suspicion of being linked to ISIS. But, the incident cannot be linked to a potential militancy along the Afghan-Pak borders. As there is the largest number of Iraqis and Syrians still linked to ISIS with many deadly incidents, they had hands in the U.S. and many other countries, but Americans have not dared to break their airspace, while in Afghanistan, as they want to once again have their forces stationed and have military bases in, they want to once again resume their failed plots in the name of fighting insurgents along the countries’ border areas. As frequently, said, the Islamic Emirate once again assures the regional and world countries that Afghanistan is no longer a threat to them. So, Americans and any malicious countries should understand that they can never create distrust between Afghanistan and its neighbors and can never disturb relations of the country with other nations by exaggerating ISIS militants and their insurgency along the borders.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.