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What does the US want from Pakistan in Afghanistan?

The US needs Pakistan in the process of direct talks with the Taliban and she wants this country to help her. In his recent remarks, the US Defence Secretary said, Pakistan should cooperate in Afghan peace process and conclude ongoing war. Some times before, the US president Trump had sent a letter to PM Imran Khan of Pakistan and asked him to make serious cooperation in Afghan peace.
The US special envoy for Afghan peace Khalilzad has once again visited Pakistan and negotiated leaders of Pakistan on Afghan peace. Although the details of Khalilzad talks with political-military leaders of Pakistan have not been released but the US wants Pakistan to help her in Afghanistan.
What kind of help does the US want from Pakistan in Afghan peace process? Almost all US games are progressing in Afghanistan with help of Pakistan. The US has implemented her plans with the help of Pakistan during the Afghan Jihad against Russians, the 2001 US. Invasion on Afghanistan and afterwards until now.
Now that the US talks on peace in Afghanistan leads another game in the name of peace, the Pakistan help is very important. Without help of Pakistan, its difficult to the US to materialize her plans in Afghanistan.
At present that direct talks are underway between the US and Taliban, it seems that these talks have been facing with such a problem that need Pakistan help.
The US strategic presence in Afghanistan has been tied with her strategic goals and withdrawal of US troops can be considered the source of legitimacy of Taliban war. Thus the US presence is a redline of both Americans and Taliban.
Khalilzad has tried to convince Taliban representative in Qatar and make them to accept American bases, but it seems that effort has failed.
During the US and Taliban talks, it has every time been told Taliban that if they don’t accept US requests, they would use Pakistan and face Taliban with problem.
It has been said that few months earlier, the US assistant secretary of State Alice Wales during her talks with Taliban had warned them if they don’t reach agreement with Americans, Pakistan would be make to take steps against their leaders.
Now that if Trump sent a letter to PM Imran Khan, either defence secretary request Pakistan or Khalilzad visits Islamabad all of them pursue a single issue, that Pakistan exert pressure on Taliban to accept US bases. Taliban are still resisting.
But whether Pakistan would accept US request or not? Exert pressure on Taliban or not? And what would be the result of this pressure? The upcoming few months can respond all these questions.
For the moment it is clear that US asks Pakistan to exert pressure on Taliban and prepare them to accept US bases. If the US-Pak deal succeeds, it is possible that Pakistan would repeat the game of 2001 with Taliban.
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