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Westerners wage double-standard game against Muslims

When people come across the name of Western media, they usually happen to associate the concepts such as professionalism, impartiality, quality, truthfulness, adaptability, care for the people and so forth to give those outlets a rudimentary definition. However, the opposite has usually been true about those, for nowadays, not a single media outlet in the world is impartial anymore.
They either are financially sponsored by great powers, giant corporations, tycoons, politicians, celebrities, and even scores of mafia or are securing funds from international institutions and national organizations aimed at pursuing the shared beliefs of those entities.
As a matter of fact, the recent brutal atrocities of Israeli forces against the Muslims of occupied Palestine has been tremendously mitigated by most popular Western media, interpreting it a sort of ‘clash’ between Palestinians and Israelis.
Meanwhile, if we look up the term ‘clash’ in a dictionary, we see that it refers to a state of conflict between two persons and factions who usually have equal power.
However, in the case of Palestine, it’s obviously clear that the Israeli forces have been aggressively annexing Palestinian territories bit by bit through the use of antagonistic power since the formation of Jewish state in 1948. Besides, they use rubber bullets, grenades, tanks, missiles and airstrikes against the Palestinian Muslims while stones are the only resort for Palestinians to defend themselves from the brutality of Israelis who annually receive around $4 billion from the US just to equip and upgrade its military establishment. So, how could any sane person would ever happen to assume that both sides, Palestinians and the Israelis, carry the same strength?!
The same applies for the Western governments as well. As in the case of Afghanistan, the entire Western nations have a consensus in dealing with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which seems to be full of hypocrisy and duplicity. Though, they frequently declare that they want to see the IEA form an inclusive government and respect the human and women rights, we see that the Israeli invaders audaciously open fires over Palestinian Muslims, including women and children, and brutally torturing and massacring them.
Seeing that the Westerners doesn’t bother to urge the Israeli invaders to stop the fierce outrages. While in the case of Ukraine, we see that all Western governments, media outlets and international actors have joined hands to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling it a war crime and genocide.
This and the like of it represents the blatant hypocrisy of the West against the Muslims.
Therefore, I feel that the US, Europe and other Western/Eastern nations are not only pursuing double-standard game with Muslims of other Islamic lands but are also conveying a similar demeanor to the Islamic Emirate by setting conditions to be met by the leaders of Emirate which are nothing more than mere political excuses to push the Islamic Emirate to abide by non-Islamic principles, something that failed to win the hearts and minds of Afghans over the last 20 years.
In conclusion, the entire Western bloc sees most of the Muslims and Mujahedeen as a threat to their global order and international principles; that’s why, they don’t share sympathy with the Muslims who are put in the hot water, suffering from humanitarian crises, poverty, conflict, and misfortune of various kinds. Conversely, they seek to push us to conform to the Western principles and values if we want to be part of the global village – a hypocrisy which won’t help us prosper at all.
Saleem Kakar

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.