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Western opposition on recognition of Palestine symbolizes hostility against Islam

Part I

The Republic of Ireland and the monarchies of Norway and Spain decided to recognize Palestine as a country. Prior to this, 8 European Union countries had recognized Palestine. Malta and Slovenia have also announced that they may recognize in the near future. So far, 140 out of 193 UN member states have recognized Palestine as an independent state. The new wave of recognition is recorded in the pages of history. In 1947, when the British along with America, France, and other European countries established the Zionist regime in the land of the Palestinian people based on the Balfour Declaration, the first war between Palestinians and Zionists broke out. As a result of this tragedy, tens of thousands of Palestinians were driven from their land. In 1949, according to a UN agreement, the Zionist regime was recognized as a country, but the Palestinians also demanded an independent country. After several wars between Palestinian Muslims and the Zionist regime, in 1988, Algeria held a conference to recognize the country of Palestine, attended by Yasser Arafat as the representative of Palestine. After this conference, in the same year, the United Nations Congress was formed, where most countries recognized Palestine as an independent country, but America, Britain, and France prevented the recognition of Palestine in the Security Council. In this first wave, 5 European countries recognized Palestine as a country. At that time, Afghanistan, along with other countries, recognized Palestine as an independent country. Based on this, the Secretary-General of the United Nations decided that Palestine should participate as an observer in these meetings. That is why the representative of Palestine in the United Nations cannot vote on international decisions. The position of most countries in the world regarding Palestine is that they believe in a two-state solution, but in practice, Western countries strongly oppose this claim. For Palestine to be recognized as a country by the international community, it must be approved by the United Nations Security Council. Three out of five permanent members of the Security Council (France, Britain, and America) always prevent the establishment of a permanent Palestinian state. The other two permanent members of the same council, Russia and China, recognized Palestine as a country in 1988. The most prominent example of this was two months ago when 12 countries, including permanent and temporary members, recognized Palestine as a country. This decision of the Security Council, like in the past, was vetoed by the U.S. Americans always try to deceive the public that they see the fundamental solution to the Palestinian issue as a two-state solution, but in practice, they prevent the solution of a two-state solution. The discussion of a twostate solution arose when the Fatah government in Ramallah recognized the occupation of the Zionist regime in the presence of the international community and put an end to military resistance against them. The Oslo Agreement on Palestine was a major mistake made by the Fatah party under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, but it is said that Arafat himself was very sorry for this political mistake in his later years. Although the government in Ramallah has embassies in most countries of the world, it has not been able to achieve clear achievements in the political field in the past decades. The main reason for this failure is that they have lost the power tools against the Zionist regime. Politics is based on power, and when there is no power behind a movement, group, or government, it cannot play in the field of politics. Hamas’s two-state solution and strategy do not recognize the Oslo Agreement. They believe that the Zionist regime has no right to exist because accepting their political sovereignty over the occupied land of Palestine is a major violation of the Palestinian ideal. Hamas knew from the first day that military resistance against Zionist occupiers was the only power tool and foundation that should never be lost. In 2001, when America started the war under the pretext of combating terrorism, large Islamic movements, including Hamas, faced major challenges. The United States and the West were able to suppress religious movements in this wave called the War on Terrorism. America intervened in Afghanistan and Iraq under the name of fighting against terrorism. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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