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Western nations adhering to double standards in dealing with Palestine

Apartheid and occupation are inherent characteristics of the identity of the Zionist regime. The Minister of War of the Zionist regime openly declares to the world that ‘we will cut off water, electricity, fuel, and food to Gaza and treat them the same as animals.’ Such statements, as a historical disgrace, are not unexpected from the authorities of the Zionist regime. Regret for powerful entities that watch and remain silent. Regret for politicians seemingly bowing to the official racial discrimination ruling over the Jewish State. The United States has utilized its veto power at the UN 83 times, 53 of which directly obstructed any criticism of Zionists’ occupation and violence. We have repeatedly heard from Western leaders that ‘Israel has the right to defend itself,’ but not once have we heard the courtesy phrase ‘Palestine also has the right to defend itself.’ In the doctrines of U.S. foreign policy and many Western countries, the Zionist is a subject that allows setting aside all principles. Freedom of speech and human rights have turned into bitter jokes. These days, the UK, Germany, and France have issued warnings against any form of support for Palestine. They have even condemned imprisonment in some cases and consider waving the Palestinian flag a criminal act. What is the reason behind these silent consciences? How can the West reconcile the apparent and tragic paradox between human rights and support for Zionism? How will people in other parts of the world believe in the West’s claim to human rights? If this is not a betrayal of human rights, then what is it? The Allah who created Jews and Christians also created Muslims. The massacre of children and innocents or the abduction of unarmed civilians anywhere in the world is condemned. Our Islamic studies greatly emphasize the care for children, women, non-combatants, and the innocent, as well as ethics in war. We believe that we must always be mindful of unarmed individuals and adhere to humanitarian principles. In this regard, there is no difference in religion, race, or ethnicity, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, etc. And, of course, I do not consider the occupier and the occupied as one. The Allah who created Jews and Christians also created Muslims, and the Allah who created us also created other people. Occupation is occupation, and any occupation is condemned. However, Western media condemn Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territories; how do they choose to remain silent against a 75-year occupation or even sing mournful praises for the occupiers? How can professional standards and such one-sided bias in favor of the Zionist regime be reconciled, and how will it be justified in media studies departments tomorrow? Those who falsely claimed freedom of speech while insulting the Holy Quran and other sacred values of a billion Muslims, how have they made Zionists’ holiest sanctities untouchable for themselves? What is happening in the realm of social media with the deletion of posts about Palestine is another bitter satire. The issue of Palestine is everyone’s issue, and the security of Palestine is everyone’s security: whether they want it or not, whether we want it or not, it is the Middle East’s issue and the world’s issue, and it cannot be negated with such censorship. Of course, there have been many shortcomings on this side as well. The media weakness of Muslim countries and the fragility of the rulers will have led to the failure to form a united support and exacerbated the suffering of Palestinians. It is this weakness that has allowed the West, under the guise of peace, to impose the most severe wars on the Palestinians with no demands against the Jewish State. For 75 years, America has prioritized its dignity for the security of the Zionist regime but has never thought of security for Palestine. America has set apparent peace and imposed tranquility as criteria, considering any action or reaction from the victims of occupation seeking justice as a threat to security. For 75 years, they have occupied the land of a nation and invented a regime that has been adherent to no peace treaty, no United Nations resolution, and no human principle. In addition to Palestine, they have invaded all surrounding lands, from Egypt and Syria to Jordan and Lebanon, seizing pieces from each. Yet, from morning till night, they have supported this occupier and been busy reproaching and threatening the occupied nation. If, in the past 75 years, the world had stood in its proper place, the people of Palestine would not have washed their mourning and wedding dresses in blood, and we would not have witnessed this great tragedy. The current war is a war of bullets and wills. Gaza is the test of awakened and silent consciences, and every drop of blood in Gaza is a shame for humanity. Suppose Palestinians unite and Islamic countries, as much as the West supports the Zionist regime, stand firmly with Palestine. In that case, they can change the fate of Palestine and the region against the will of the powers. In that case, we will see a new face in the region. It is to everyone’s advantage that they come to the scene and take action. Every step taken to restore the rights of Palestinians is a restoration of humanity and will pursue the interests of all and enhance regional stability. If the Jewish State’s hand remains open, greater calamities will ensue, and instabilities will persist. However, the 70-year history has shown that violence will never bring an end to the Jewish state security, and with genocide, wills will not be broken. Mukhtar Safi

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Abed Rahmani November 20, 2023 at 9:23 pm

it is bad future for israel all peopls and countrys are with falastinian

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