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Western double standard against eastern countries

The West, particularly America, Britain, France, and Germany, which have a profound impact on the global economy and politics, exhibit double standards towards Eastern countries, particularly those currently experiencing war or that have recently emerged from conflict. The Jewish, which in the past attacked all its neighboring countries with the support and finance of Washington and London and is currently engaged in a heavy conflict with the Palestinians, is a clear example of this double standard. The double standards of the West reflect blatant fascism, where hypocrisy becomes the norm, and lies become the law of international order. This indeed leads to the start of wars and the killing of people. To achieve this, Western agents in Kyiv and Tel Aviv have resorted to the most complex destructions, placing the world in a barrel that could explode at any moment. There is no doubt that America and its allies are the reason for the world’s instability. Their entire history is written in a manner of hostility and military conflict. They want to implement Western model governments and their social values in Eastern societies, which they have tried to enforce by fire in some countries but failed. The more wars there are in the world, the more Washington, London, Paris, and Berlin’s influence increases, and weapons are sold well from their stockpiles. They apply the principles of Western life in Eastern societies but have not yet achieved practical results. The Zionist regime turns a blind eye to the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, including women, children and men, and the injury of tens of thousands more, as well as the destruction of homes, villages, hospitals, and schools. They do not urge the Zionist regime to stop these destructions, and not only do they not condemn these actions verbally, but they also provide political and military support and supply them with weapons and ammunition to use for the destruction of Palestine. Meanwhile, movements that defend Palestine are considered by them to be saboteurs and terrorists who must lay down their arms and compromise with the Zionist regime. In their view, the people who die in Donbas and Palestine and those who oppose are second-class citizens who, in the eyes of the West, have no place on earth. The Jewish state’s jets have destroyed Palestinian schools and maternity hospitals, and Ukrainian missiles have hit residential areas in Donetsk and Belgorod. Netanyahu and Zelensky issue new orders every day to kill women and children, yet Europe and America support them regardless. Major global television networks like CNN, ABC, Fox News, BBC, DW, and others try to ignore all the realities and seek to justify NATO’s attacks on the borders of Russia and Palestine. American politicians promise more weapons and various forms of support to their allies. Blinken and Sullivan do not seek a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict; instead, they immediately request funds from the U.S. Congress for new weapons for Kyiv. Biden, on the one hand, asks for patience from the Zionist regime’s leadership, and on the other, does not prevent new bombings in Palestine. Any attempt at resistance by Palestine is met with severe criticism from the West. The only rights given to Russians and Palestinians are to endure death and suffering, live under sanctions, and participate in the Olympics under a neutral flag. They try to undermine the fundamental right of independence and eliminate the opportunity for a good life as a nation, forcing them to live under the rule of others without individual and social freedoms. With active political and military support from Washington and London, the Zionist regime decided to go to war with its neighbors and set the entire Middle East on fire. Moreover, the Ukrainian army targets the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant despite repeated warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Do people in the West not think about what could be causing this? Even if this example happened recently, in 1989, Ukraine was the center of radioactive contamination, polluting the air of many countries with radioactive materials and harming millions. After the incident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, a cloud of radionuclides, iodine, and cesium spread across Europe, affecting Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia the most. The West has not learned from this incident and wants to repeat this disaster without considering its consequences because Washington is very far away, and the White House will not be affected by the radioactive radius. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.