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Weapons, military equipment discovered in Kabul

KABUL: Police personnel of the Islamic Emirate discovered and seized weapons and military equipment from 3rd police district of the capital Kabul, on Friday, a statement from the Kabul police department said the other day.
“Police personnel of the 3rd police district of Kabul has discovered and confiscated several weapons and military equipment during an operation,” said the statement.
The operations have been launched in Dehmazang, Kart-e-Sakhi and Kart-e-Mamorin areas of Kabul city, resulting in the seizure of one Kalashnikov, two pistols, some military uniforms, different arms’ bullets, various cameras, and other military equipment, according to the source.
The Islamic Emirate’s security forces have vowed to do their best to collect illegally kept weapons and ammunition to restore security and order countrywide. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.