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Weapon smuggle from Afghanistan impossible

The International Criminal Police Organization or the INTERPOL has recently released a report, in which it claimed that hundreds of firearms have been recovered in an area in Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. The report blamed terrorist groups and criminal organizations for normally using small and light weapons for being inexpensive, easy to transfer, conceal and access in Central, South and East Asia. It noted in the report that they had discovered routes in Pakistan that were used to transfer firearms from Afghanistan to this country. In the past, the Interior Minister of Pakistan falsely claimed that TTP’s fighters were using military equipment left over from NATO in Afghanistan to attack Pakistan. The claim has been denied many times by the Islamic Emirate. “This was evidenced in Pakistan, where several hundred firearms, their parts, and ammunition were recovered, mainly in the provinces bordering with Afghanistan. This led to 614 arrests, new investigations and greater insights into the routes used by trucks from Afghanistan to ferry firearms and ammunition into Pakistan,” the report added. “Firearms from Afghanistan are a threat to Pakistan and Central Asia and we are in greater need to limit the diversion and trafficking of these firearms to neighboring countries and beyond. We hope to repeat this type of initiative in the future,” this is a false claim that Mohsin Hassan Butt, Director General of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency said in the inaccurately provided report, a mere claim, they can never provide evidence for, while Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, is itself a member of the Interpol. This is to be noted such undocumented and false reports have many times been released and repeatedly rejected by the related authorities of the Islamic Emirate. The release of such reports, by the Pakistani authorities, mostly seeks political goals. Why the Pakistani officials have not yet presented a single document to show that Afghanistan was involved in smuggling weapons to the Pakistani government’s armed groups? Why they have not yet arrested the one who was an Afghan and confessed that he had smuggled weapons from Afghanistan to Pakistan for insurgency and militancy purposes in the neighboring country? This means that Pakistan is not still optimistic about Afghanistan and is not in favor of a stable and secure country in its neighborhood. As the Islamic Emirate rejected the report as a mere claim and empty of evidence, this should be added that weapon smuggling is not allowed as it’s not only against the country’s national interests and that anyone caught on this charge will be dealt with legally, but if weapon trafficking was allowed, it would be against the commitment of the Islamic Emirate that the Islamic system was never in favor of interference in other countries internal affairs. On the other hand, all weapons, relating to the government are registered and the Islamic Emirate asks all entities, claiming weapon-trafficking from Afghanistan, to seriously investigate any reports, they receive and share the information with the Islamic Emirate security officials.

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