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We prioritize drafting future economic programs, WB

By: Shukria Kohistani

The office of World Bank (WB) in Kabul proclaimed after probable peace agreement with Taliban beginning from today, it began its work for drafting development projects, the process of collection of considerations and consultation of international partners and Afghanistan.
According to the assertions made by head office of WB in Kabul, drafting of future economic plans is their priority and the background of peace is improving in a time that the ground be prepared for economic expansion after peace agreement and occupational opportunities be provided for those Afghans who are joining armed opponents because of poverty and unemployment.
With the release of an statement, this bank has said that so far, several round of consultative meetings have been held with a number of colleagues including representatives of international community and Afghanistan. Head of WB office in Kabul has said that our efforts are concentrating in the connection on several sections.
First, we want to show access to peace accord can prepare the ground for sustainable economic growth and creation of development opportunities and this process is useful for all sides involving in present war.
Head of WB in Kabul added that the second is this that we want to recognize a series of principles and potential priorities so that based on the same, a necessary decision be made for drafting an economic program after political agreement.
Now, we are collecting considerations about a number of new economic designs which can prepare a suitable bed for safeguarding of peace and new opportunities in Afghanistan.
Quoting from WB head office in Kabul, the statement says that the efforts made for ensuring peace has reached into a turning point. So, the role of WB for comprehensive analyzing and offering of technical consultations is limited and never has role in peace process among involving sides.
It is said that in conference held in Geneva in 2018 about Afghanistan the WB was demanded to arrange a comprehensive program for coordination of development projects and international cooperation for economic expansion and reduction of poverty after peace agreement.
At the same time, the statement says that for collection of considerations of other involved colleagues the WB has released several documents in website of this administration.
In this phase, the WB wants to collect viewpoints and proposals around documents from among them the summery of consultative documents collection consultations and considerations and complete technical report.
It is planned that the process of collection of consultations and considerations to be continued till access to an political accord and decision-making on programs for post period of peace settlement.
In the course of this process, all elites and eyewitnesses are invited in Afghanistan so that to share their considerations and consultations via email to the said address in internet face book.
With appreciating of this good measure adopted by WB, the economic experts say that during recent 19 years, Afghanistan is grateful for assistance rendered to this country by WB. So after election and establishment of new government, this country is in need of continued cooperation of international community.
Economic witness Shir Ali Tazri in a briefing with The Kabul Times said that no doubt, our country would have no good economic activities sans cooperation of international community. Some projects are now promoting in Afghanistan with cooperation of WB and in such a manner, other sections sans cooperation of this bank is impossible inside of Afghanistan.
He says that availing the opportunity, the government of Afghanistan should offer useful considerations and consultations to WB so that in near future we have continued cooperations of donor nations to Afghanistan till reaching of this country into self-sufficiency. 

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