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We have ID, want shelter: Jogies

The Jogy minority complain on lack of shelter and ask the government to cooperate them, in this respect. According to them, their homes have been assessed by the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates (MoRR) but the result is not clear.
Abdul Samad representative of Jogy minority in Hewadwal Comp in Kabul, complaining on the government heedlessness, said, government doesn’t cooperate us. We have no place, no land to build a shelter. Only the government should cooperate us, build school and clinic to us. We are citizen of this country.
Mohammad Karim an old jogyman in PD-8 Kabul city said, we are refugee. Four years ago we came to Kabul from Khanabad district, Kunduz province and setup our tents here and each family pays Afs 500 per month to the owner of this place.
Spokesman of the MoRR Abdul Baset Ansari confirming shelter problems of Jogies said, shortage of land in Kabul has caused postponing of land distribution in Kabul for this minority.
He added, prior to this, these Jogies were not related to MoRR. In 1397 solar year an agreement was signed between MoRR and ACCRA to distribute land to them but currently we are facing shortage of land. Efforts are under way to start this process in provinces.
Although jogies are talking on private property of the land on which they are settled now, but citizens of PD-8 claim that powerful people abuse lack of IDs for Jogy minority as a means of pressure on jogies and rent public properties to them.
Abdul Samad added, we have come to Kabul from Pakistan many years ago and managed to convince the government after long efforts to distribute ID to us, but this process has not been completed.
“We have Tazkera but our children don’t and due to this problem we fail to enroll our children into school”. He added.
Prior to this, in a research, AIHRC had expressed concern on non-distribution of citizenship tazkera to jogy minority.
The AIHRC report added, contrary to article 9th of Afghanistan citizenship Law (ACL) and despite of being born of jogies several generations in Afghanistan and have been living here, they have failed to receive Tazkera and exploit its privileges and rights.
Calling lack of access of jogy minority to Tazkera “Discrimination in distribution of Tazkera”, the AIHRC officials added that Afghanistan has failed to fulfill its legal responsibilities before the jogy people and with refusing from distribution of Tazkera to this people has caused violation of their other basic rights and freedoms.
At the same time spokesman of Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) Rohullah Ahmadzay said that the dispute on lack of access of jogy minority to IDs has already been tackled and they can have access to IDs at every part of the country.
He added, as we distribute Tazkera to nomads, we have done the same to jogies already in several provinces including Kabul and Kunduz and we have already distributed Tazkera to them.
According to Ahmadzay, no particular norm has been adopted during ID distribution for jogy minority and they can take advantage from the concessions of IDs like other citizens.
Due to lack of ID, the jogy minority is deprived of education and medical services and the human rights advocates had time and again asked the government to pave the way of Tazkera distribution for this minority.
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