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“We do not want another war in any name in whole country”

Abdul Malik Hamdard, an Afghan citizen, has started a campaign to pass a peace message titled “We don’t want another war in any name in whole country” to all the people of Afghanistan. In a bicycle ride he started, Hamdard shared the debate of ‘no another war’ with the people in early March. He said he shared his decision for the campaign on social media in early May as he rode to many parts of the country to pass his message to the people.
“I want to pass this message to my people in Afghanistan and people living abroad as I’ve recently started riding my bicycle,” Hamdard said, adding that he is riding to villages, mosques, parks, palaces, markets and districts to pass the message to the people.
“I have a plan to launch campaign for peace and pass the message of peace to everyone. For time being, I want to debate about the harms of another war with people to inform them of the negative outcomes of another war in the whole country,” Hamdard insisted, saying that he rides his bike only on Fridays but has plan to expand his campaign on other days of the week in future.
“After starting the campaign in early March and sharing the decision directly and indirectly on social media, I planned to openly start the campaign from my home in Paghman. Today, I started the bicycle ride with a board written the peace message in Paghman to convey the message to people in the district’s market, villages, valley, mosques, parks and palaces,” Hamdard said, adding that the message was welcomed by the people most of whom took his photos.
Hamdard further said that his bicycle ride took hours to pass the message place to place to those visiting Paghman during Friday.
“As a normal human being, I was against the war in the past and will be against another war in future too as each war brings only destruction, killing, revenge and enmity from generation to general,” Hamdard said.
He added it is enough and the people did not want another war in one or another name, stressing that they did not want to see displacement or funerals of Afghans anymore.
It is worth mentioning that Abdul Malik Hamdard had previously launched such campaigns against continued war in the past too. He will first pass the message ‘We don’t want another war in any name in whole country’ to people at the district level, and then he will pass the message to people in provincial level and all over the country. Now that it’s has been peace in the entire country following the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) takeover, the people of Afghanistan are against any other war in any name in the country.
Nik Mohammad Nikmal

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