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“We are facing intellectual, psychological war of the enemy”, Deputy Minister Farahi

HERAT: The Deputy Publication Minister of Information and Culture and the Acting Deputy Governor of Herat province, Mawlavi Hayatullah Muhajer Farahi said we are facing the intellectual and psychological war of the enemy. Mawlavi Farahi made the speech in a meeting with several local officials and Mujahidin of Herat province, the state-run Bakhtar News Agency reported on Tuesday. Farahi added that the enemies of the country are still trying to underestimate the tangible achievements of the Islamic Emirate and spread their propaganda among the people, according to the agency. “The brilliant activities of the Islamic Emirate have become clear to the people and people are thinking about the country’s prosperity along with the government and will not be deceived by the enemy’s failed psychological and propaganda war,” the agency quoted Farahi as saying. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.