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“We are entering a new phase of history,” President Ghani tells Police chiefs

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Addressing provincial police chiefs as part of the consultative meetings on a potential peace deal at the presidential palace, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said national and international support existed for them and praised their sacrifices and braveries, a statement from the presidential press office said.
“You have my support, the people, the system and the international community, and we are all proud of your sacrifices. Our security and defense forces have had unprecedented support throughout the history,” the president said, instructing the defense and security organs to address problem’s of the martyers families.
The president went on saying that Afghanistan was entering a new phase of history where Taliban has agreed to a major reduction of violence which would lead to ceasefire in the country, adding that the Afghan army had been prepared for the risks and the opportunities and the police forces too needed to be on the frontline of security of the country.
Addressing police commanders, the President said: “Besides providing security for the people, highways and the private sector, as representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, you have a responsibility to keep in touch with the people and respond to their concerns.”
The president said that there was no change in the financing and equipping of the security and defense forces, adding that US and NATO remained committed to their supports.
The president also said that Afghan National Police forces had been engaged in fight against insurgents, however in recent years they have been back to their main tasks, which is rule of law.
The President reiterated that the negotiating team will be selected by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and this process will be conducted with the supervision, support and agreement of the people.
“You are a national entity and represent the whole Afghanistan, no deal would be acceptable on you and we will successfully pass this test,” the president added.
Senior deputy minister for security affairs of the Ministry of Interior Abdul Saboor Qani, and Ghor Police Chief Aminullah Ahmadzai assured the president of their full cooperation and support to the government, adding that the Police forces were ready to implement orders and instructions of the presidential office and security leadership.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.