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War of words: MoFA asks Pakistan to avoid unrealistic, untrue statements on Afghanistan

By: The Kabul Times

NSA Mohib, who is critical of Pakistan over its ties with the Taliban, recently accused Islamabad of enabling a violent offensive by the terror group in Afghanistan.

KABUL: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Saturday asked Pakistan to avoid unrealistic and untrue statements against Afghanistan.

“Given the sensitivity of the situation and the opportunities arisen to achieve a permanent peace in Afghanistan and the region, comments and statements that spoil this trend are not favorable to the Afghan Peace Process,” the statement said.

The MoFA went on saying that the Afghan government and the international community call on Pakistani government officials to utilize their influence and control over the Taliban to bring them back to the negotiating table for meaningful talks to end the war and bloodshed in Afghanistan, thus ensuring peace in Afghanistan would help eliminate global terrorism threat benefiting Pakistan and the international community.

“Unrealistic and untrue statements will obstruct strengthening relations between the two countries. Afghanistan is determined to discuss important and key issues with Pakistan through diplomatic channels,” the statement further said.

This comes as Pakistan once again hit out at Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib for what it called his “repeated impertinent and unwarranted remarks” and accused him of trying to “disregard and nullify” the progress made in the Afghan peace process.

In a rejoinder to a tweet by NSA Mohib on Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s interview with Afghanistan’s Tolonews, the Pakistan Foreign Office said: “Repeated impertinent and unwarranted remarks” were “a calculated attempt by his office to disregard and nullify the progress in the peace process so far”, Dawn reported.

NSA Mohib, who is critical of Pakistan over its ties with the Taliban, recently accused Islamabad of enabling a violent offensive by the terror group in Afghanistan.

In the interview with Afghanistan’s Tolonews, Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has sought to absolve the Taliban for the high levels of violence in Afghanistan.

The Afghan NSA had tweeted that Qureshi’s interview “comes as Taliban launches violent offensives against Afghan people across the country, we know how & why they continue to be enabled to do this. Quraishi is either uninformed, ignorant or accomplice. Maybe he also rejects that, Osama was found next to Pakistani Military HQ.”

The war of words erupted between Pakistan officials and NSA Mohib last month when the latter called Pakistan a ‘brothel house’. Islamabad in protest over the remarks ended all official contacts with the Afghan NSA.

Last month, in a public speech in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan National Security Chief, Hamdullah Mohib called Pakistan a “brothel house.”

Pakistan’s foreign ministry reacted sharply to remarks by Mohib and called on him to reflect on his statement.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said: “The national security adviser of Afghanistan carefully listen to me … as the foreign minister of Pakistan I say that no Pakistani will shake your hand or talk with you if you don’t desist from the kind of language, you are using or the accusations you’re making against Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, the Afghan government has longstanding reservations that Pakistan may be using the Afghan Taliban as a proxy. Pakistan has been long blamed for providing support to Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.


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