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War, natural disasters, drought caused displacing of 400,000 people: MoRR

By: Shukria Kohistani

The authorities of the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates (MoRR) said that since the outset of 2019, nearly 400000 people have been displaced in Afghanistan and large number of IDPs have been living in the capital city, void of any basic humanitarian facilities in or near ruins, garbage bins or in open air.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Shah Zaman whose family has been displaced from Helmand said, we are also human being and the government should support displaced families. Lack of shelter in hot and cold weather is one of the basic challenges of IDPs.
Not only IDPs but repatriates are also facing serious problems. Aminullah a resident of Kunduz province who has just repatriated from Iran said, I lived over 12 years in Iran. Upon returning to Afghanistan I faced lack of shelter, occupation and to poverty, the government has to provide job opportunities to people.
His message to those who want to leave the country says, stay here, build capacity, not to be disappointed, otherwise out of the country, they will be facing a lot of problems there.
Addressing the local media, the press advisor of MoRR Abdul Baset Ansari said, the MoRR has registered 387905 IDPs in 2019 out of which 129335 have managed to return to their original home villages and the MoRR has provided emergency aids only to 9094 households with the cooperation of IOs.
According to Ansari, wars in the last eight months have caused displacing of 33761 people from Kunar, Baghlan, Farah, Nangarhar, Badghis, Helmand, Sar-e-Pul, Kandahar, Kunduz and Faryab provinces out of whom only 10312 people have returned to their main villages and the rest are still uncertained.
Since the beginning of 2019, in the last eight months about 295029 refugees voluntarily repatriated.
According to information of MoRR, 150321 refugees compulsory and 115929 refugees voluntarily have repatriated from Iran, 4443 refugees have compulsory repatriated from Pakistan while 11865 refugees have voluntarily returned to Afghanistan.
According to MoRR press advisor, Ansary, 613 Afghan refugees have been compulsory repatriated from European countries while 196 Afghan refugees have voluntarily repatriated from European countries.
According to MoRR, since 2002, nearly ten million Afghan refugees have repatriated from different world countries. Lack of employment opportunities, shelter, lack of access to medical services and education are main problems among repatriating refugees. Because the MoE has not allocated any budget for this purpose.
The US has recently aided US $ 125 for IDPs and repatriates.

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