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War doesn’t end without Democracy

The Red Lines of talks with Taliban are expected to be specified today in Arg. The government and political forces have absolutely specified their Red Lines for talks. The Afghan society in general and political forces in particular specified that in which cases they would be flexible and which cases inflexible, but one thing is clear that without democracy, Afghanistan doesn’t achieve stability.
Afghanistan is in a situation that has severed ties with the old system and has to define new criteria for its political legitimacy. In the wake of Bonn conference, elections and democracy have been accepted as legitimate method to reach power and this was a high step in the history of this country. It is true that no sound and transparent elections were held in the country and the young democracy had and still has its own problems in Afghanistan but without democracy, the current conflict doesn’t end.
If all political forces don’t submit democracy, don’t accept the rules of democratic game and don’t act based on them, the war would continue. If we have no democracy, a group or a coalition of groups would like to form a government and stay in power until the end.
If such a situation happened, other groups would take weapon and war would continue. This issue has been accepted in our neighboring country of Iran. Iran has a religious government that its leadership has taken its legitimacy from political Shiiat ideology. But this government has electoral bodies too and has accepted both religious and electoral legitimacy. These political groups are competing each other that has helped relative stability in that country. No doubt those Iranian bodies who are led by non-elected individuals, are not responsible and accountable, act willfully and illegally outside Iran and are put in terrorist black lists by superpowers. But this is also a reality that some of Iranian bodies are elected and citizens attend elections.
It is the same in Pakistan. Army is a powerful body in Pakistan that has suspended democracy time and again in that country, but despite of that elections are held, political parties compete and elected governments take over.
This electoral legitimacy and free atmosphere for political competitions is one of the factors that Pakistani agencies and its inhomogeneous population are living in peace.
Its clear that some groups are deprived by Army and military spy agency from the political mainstream but despite of that political parties take part in competitions and display a kind of competitions policy.
India is the biggest democracy in the world which is the main reason behind its success. The leaders of India independence left behind “Democracy”, the only valuable thing as a heritage for present generations of that country.
It was this democracy that led India in the path of rapid development.
If in the future we have no representative democracy and political legitimacy is not gained through democracy and elections, we would neither be a victorious country nor would get rid of conflict.
Current generation of Afghanistan policies in all political groups and parties could leave as a heritage the only valuable thing to future generations which is democracy and elections and electoral legitimacy. If there is no democracy, there would be no peace but permanent war.
The solution to prevent a permanent war, is definition of political legitimacy criterion based on democratic criteria.
All political factions, groups and parties should obey this principle that a government is legitimate that only appear from election and people vote, otherwise neither the government would last long nor it brings stability to the country.
This issue should be the Red Line of all those who negotiate on behalf of the Republic.
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