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War brokers; the fierce enemies of Afghanistan!

The people of Afghanistan better know those ugly figures who overthrew the country’s powerful and stable government nearly 46 years ago and engaged in killing, injuring and displacement of millions of Afghans just for foreigners to reach their goals in the country and region. They were the ones who helped the Red Army roam the country from house to house and village to village to kill innocent Afghans for 14 years. It was they who took part in the killing of Afghans for ten more years following the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. They kept on supporting foreign networks and took part in engaging in destructive planning for the country. It was they who then supported the U.S.-led NATO troops and took part in killing our homeloving countrymen, imprisoning thousands of others and displacing thousands from area to area in the country. These war brokers are still working to somehow convince people to fight against the Islamic system that has brought peace and security across the country. The enemies of the people of Afghanistan are working day and night to make destructive plans for Afghanistan and its people; therefore, the oppressed people of Afghanistan should be careful and alert not to be deceived by these war brokers. The enemies of Afghanistan cannot see a developed and united Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan should be careful and aware that the enemies and their Afghan war brokers are looking for opportunities to lead the country toward destruction. It is also the responsibility of the ulamas and other academic figures of the country to convince the people of Afghanistan, particularly the youth to give hands to each other and fully support the Islamic Emirate for a united and independent Afghanistan. After the two-decade foreign invasion, Afghanistan has now become free and independent and its people are now enjoying living in peace and prosperity. Today, Afghanistan has a strong Islamic system that has strong security and defense forces to protect and safeguard the country. All the people of Afghanistan should stand against those planning for the destruction of the country. Afghans should be united against the enemies of Afghanistan. Both the unity and brotherhood among Afghans are considered as the key factors that can be effective in the progress, and superiority of Afghans during the current circumstances. Unity and Islamic brotherhood are essential for the people of Afghanistan more than in the past and can play an effective and vital role in the development of our country. Today’s all problems and challenges facing the Afghans can be addressed with unity and brotherhood. Let’s be united and together we can rebuild our country. Sediq Logarwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.