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Wakhan corridor: Safest and most valuable route for regional connectivity, economic growth

With the end of the American occupation of Afghanistan and the return of the Islamic Emirate into power, our country is taking steps towards stability and tranquility. Throughout the country, including the north, south, east and west, security has been ensured. Furthermore, our foreign policy is growing daily, and the level of political, cultural, and economic interactions with the international community is expanding within the framework of mutual respect. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other governmental institutions and agencies host guests and foreign diplomats every day who wish to come to Afghanistan and see the realities here with their own eyes, not through biased media that have been hostile to Afghanistan. With the current ensured security, many international and domestic investors have tried to invest in Afghanistan or have made efforts to do so. According to the latest information and calculations, more than 200 top-ranking international and domestic investors have invested in various provinces of the country, including the capital Kabul, after the Islamic Emirate takeover. Except for limited problems in some organizations, all governmental organs and units are active, providing timely and quality services to the people. Overall, extraordinary progress and development have taken place in all areas, as clear as the sun, and no one can deny it. Work on major economic and infrastructure projects is underway across the country. Projects such as the Wakhan Corridor in the north, the Qush Tepa Canal, the Kabul-Herat highway in the west, the large cement factory in Herat, the Khawaf-Herat railway line, the Pashdan dam, Bakhsh Abad dam, the Kabul-Kandahar highway in the south, and then the Kandahar-Herat highway, the second and third phases of the Kajaki and Kamal Khan dams, the second Kabul-Jalalabad highway in the east, which its work will start in the near future, the large Casa-1000 project will start, are among the major construction and economic projects of the Islamic Emirate. While all the aforementioned launched projects are vital for Afghanistan and its people, the most crucial one is the Wakhan Corridor, whose completion will bring about a significant economic and commercial revolution in the region. The Wakhan Corridor is essentially for the continuation of the ancient Silk Road, which once provided an easy and cost-effective route connecting East and West Asia, particularly China, to Europe. Currently, if this route is reactivated, China could become the nearest market for Iran’s oil products. Moreover, Chinese industrial products could reach the markets of the Caucasus, the Middle East, Iran, Turkiye, and even European markets through an inexpensive route, thus outcompeting their Western commercial rivals. Additionally, the issue of connecting Central and South Asia via Afghanistan’s Chitral region is also among the significant topics in the strategic research centers of the region. However, all these progress and developments are the outcome of a country with stability, complete peace, and a united system, which results from the trust and confidence of the people in the Islamic Emirate. S Considering the above points, Afghanistan faces internal and external enemies, mafia groups, drug trafficking networks, and individuals whose interests have been threatened by the return of the Islamic Emirate. Although the officials of the Islamic Emirate have dealt with these incidents and developments with full prudence and foresight, neutralizing these conspiracies in the initial moments, it is still necessary to exercise full caution regarding these events: 1- A thorough investigation should be conducted in this regard. Identify the root causes of the problems and address them decisively and carefully. 2- Most people in Pamir and Badakhshan are very poor, so to reduce unemployment and promote economic development, regional development projects should be initiated. 3- The contact between the relevant officials of the Islamic Emirate and the people and elders of the region should be very close, and the religious scholars or Mulla Imams can contribute in this regard. 4- Since most people in this area are poor, efforts should be made to market and develop livestock for them. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has achieved significant accomplishments through implementing numerous economic projects. The officials of the ruling government are committed to serving the Afghan nation and building the country. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.