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Violence increased as foreign forces leave Afghanistan

By: Suraya Raiszada

A statistic recorded from the battlefield indicates that the rate of violence and conflict has increased after foreign forces withdrawal from the country.
“From May 1 to July 15 this year, more than 2,900 security incidents happened all over the country resulting in the death of more than 17,600 Taliban fighters, security forces and civilians,” according to the official statistic.
The average death toll has increased over the past two and half a month; the highest number recorded in the country in recent months.
This happens as both the Afghan government and the international community have repeatedly called on the Taliban to announce ceasefire and take the peace talks serious.
The demand by the International community, however, has not been met so far by the militants, and the clashes have intensified further than ever.
The country’s president has recently said that the Taliban has no will for peace talks, so he has a plan on the table that will change the security situation in the next three to six months.
At the same time, security institutions said that the level of violence in the country has increased after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.
“Unlike the previous Eids, the Taliban intensified violence on this year’s Eid, they harmed civilians during these attacks and in many cases took civilians lives,” Mirwais Stanekzai Interior Ministry spokesman said stressing that the security forces have since been instructed to increase offensives and expel the militants from the provinces.”
The plan, as the spokesman referred to the country’s president remarks will change the security situation in the next three to six months.
Addressing a ceremony at the first Eid day, President Ghani said that the Taliban had no intention of making peace and that it was time to act up against them.
Referring to the government delegation’s visit to Doha, the president added that the aim of the visit was an ultimatum with the Taliban and that there was an immediate plan for the next three or six months, and last week it was discussed that there should be an urgent and practical plan to change the state of war against the rising militancy.
Increase in violence is reported at a time when the withdrawal of foreign troops has completed by about 90 percent and the US has said that the process will be completed by the end of August amid intensified Taliban attacks in more than 100 districts over the past more than two months.
Clashes between government forces and the Taliban militants in the west, southwest, east and north of the country continue in recent months, resulting in the displacement of large number of residents in the insecure provinces.
Expressing concern over the current situation, a number of the senate members called for a change in the security forces military tactics and called on the security sector to draw up a plan to curb insecurity in the country.
“Security forces have to reconsider their military tactics in the face of Taliban attacks,” according to the senate referring to the escalation of Taliban attacks in a number of provinces.
“Although the security forces are able to crack down on the enemy and defend their people and their land under the most difficult conditions, they must reconsider their defense and security policies, otherwise the enemy’s threats will continue,” the senate noted.
However, the statistics on civilian and security casualties indicate poor security throughout the country, but officials at the Ministry of National Defense reassure that Taliban attacks will be repelled.
“The security forces are working day and night to prevent Taliban attacks and the group has suffered heavy casualties,” Fawad Aman the deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense told media.
He said that the Taliban have been defeated by the Afghan security forces everywhere in the provinces they launched attacks.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.