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Violence in Ramadan against Islamic teachings

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of blessings, forgiveness, kindness, brotherhood and love of humanity. Getting closer to Eid al-Fitr it becomes more preponderant to Muslim people to show more generosity and sympathy to their poor brothers, sisters and community.
But misusing the Islamic teachings and people believe regarding the holy religion, Taliban sparing no effort to shed the blood of our innocent people during the holy month, especially in the recent weeks of holy month of Ramadan.
Although Afghans and the Muslim nations around the world urge Taliban for ceasefire at least during the holy month, but there has been regular news of violence during Ramadan across the country. However, according to Islamic teaching this is a month of love and peace, but the militants made it a month of violence and bloodshed for innocent Afghan civilians.
Meanwhile hike of food item prices has also added to the misery of Afghan masses. Some traders make an artificial dumping of goods to make the prices double which is against the philosophy of this month. Afghans have not only hit by continued militancy, but also economically, since war and bloodshed have been preventing development and people’s economic self-sufficiency.
It’s very surprising to see that Taliban and other militant groupings claim that they are fighting for the holy religion and reiterating their commitment to Islamic values, however they target school children, women, mosque and other peaceful civilians which is completely in paradox.
The militants have been sparing no effort to destroy public infrastructures, target government employees and soldiers, beating people for this and that in their held territories as well as seeking extortions along the highways.
The holy religion of Islam has always emphasized on peace and harmony not only with Muslim followers, but even with other believers of the religion. Therefore the Taliban’s war is totally against the Islamic teachings, since they are making peace with non-Muslims, but killing their Muslim compatriots.
Since Ramadan is the month of peace, it was expected that Taliban would attend Turkey conference on Afghan peace process, but the group once again showed the world that they no longer having agenda for prosperity of the war-torn country, but devastation of Afghanistan.
The continued terror attacks by Taliban and other terror groups in the most sacred month in Islam, have once again showed the fact that Islam and human life have no value to these barbarians. Thus, they are more committed to regional intelligence network rather than Islam. The Afghan people, government and its international partners need much to do to eradicate terrorism.
Since foreign troops are departing from the country, the Taliban’s ties with other terror groups, including Al-Qaeda shouldn’t be ignored. Such ties have once threatened the US and other countries security and that would be boosted if they are given the chance to widespread their militancy.
International coordination and efforts needed to support Afghan forces in war on terror so that they uproot terror in the country and provide a safe and sound environment for the whole region.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.