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Violence against women persists in Afghanistan

Anti – women violence as a heinous phenomenon still exists in Afghan community, lack of law rule and unfavorable traditions are the main reasons for that.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes: November 25th is the starting date for the 16 days campaign of prevention of violence against women worldwide. Although, violence against women is a worldwide problem, but it is more common in developing countries like Afghanistan. Violence against women in Afghanistan has an old history, but during the last seventeen years, within civic and political activities, the issue of women’s rights and the issue of violence against women have been the main issues discussed by relevant organs and individuals. Civil society activists spared no any efforts in that end, the human rights organizations considered it as their pivotal issue and many projects and programs established to defend the women’s rights and to eliminate violence against women. Unfortunately, all these activities brought no change in the life of Afghan women. The problem is this that the women and violence against women issue mostly followed with political incentives. If there were any project or plan for the purpose, were based on private or group interests. It was clear that the women’s rights and violence against women followed for obtaining political or physical privileges.
Violence against women in Afghanistan can curb or ends only when it discussed as an acute human and national problem and the rights of women introduced within the framework of religious instructions, the great prophet’s traditions and high Afghan culture and customs. While lack of religious information and lack of modern knowledge, poverty, and paternalism and the existence of superstations in the community are the main barriers on the way of ensuring women’s rights in the country and are the major reasons for continuation of violence against women.
Today Afghan women are the target of violence inside the houses, this is they are not safe even inside their houses. The state and the women’s rights organizations have no access to the houses. Therefore, the women’s rights should be addressed through Islamic teachings. The pulpits of mosques are the most effective place for the purpose. Media, schools, elders are also the credible sources for ensuring women’s rights in the community; they should perform their obligations in that regard. The women’s rights should be dealt as a human issue, not be used as a political incentive and seeking privileges, otherwise, there will be increase in violence against women cases every year. Just condemning violence, the violations against women and presenting report would not solve any problem.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.