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Violence against women means trampling of all values

4th of Qaus coincides with Nov 25 has been called as the day of elimination of violence against women and this day has been celebrated every year in the world countries including Afghanistan.
Hideousness and ugliness of a phenomenon called as violence against women as the half body of human society should be distinguished and its negative consequences must be divulged through celebration, so the humanity would take firm steps toward elimination of this sinister phenomenon and adopt legal and practical mechanisms in relevant process of governance and national life that would culminate to eradication of this phenomenon.
Violence against women is considered unaccepted, blamable and reproachable that not only disturbs the soul and nature of a creature in the name of women and cause women to telerate problems and hardships, obstacle growth of a part of society but also it causes the religious, legal and lawfull values to be trampled down.
The holy religion of Islam has clearly ordered on quality of approach with women. If you divorced your wives and their period was over, either keep them in best way or release them in best way lest you should damage them or oppress them. Don’t keep them in the home and everybody who does so, has oppress himself, and don’t mock verses of Allah. Allah knows and you don’t know.
There are several verses on good sociability with women and avoidance from oppression on them and observance of their rights. This issue clarifies, it that women are also human being, have certain rights and it is upon us to respect them and avoid oppression on them.
Islamic Sharriah has particular rules and instructions on women. Our Great Prophet (PBUH) instructed muslims to make good approach with women. In his farewell sermon, the Prophet (PBUH) had said, consider Allah on women and make good behavior with them because they are a trust who have been legalized to you with Allah order.
Our constitution and other laws also have clear explanations on women position and rights. They, should not be oppressed or violated. Violence and oppression on women is a frank violation of our Islamic rules and are wrong. Oppression on women is violation of these laws and rules.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.