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Villagers give hand to construct road in Kunar

Villagers have given hands to construct their village road in Afghanistan’s Kunar province. Residents of Dahooz village in Watapur district of Kunar say they are happy that they are all working to construct their village road. According to these villagers, residents of the village are making efforts to build the village road despite the fact that work on it is difficult due to the mountainous area. They say the problems of the people will be solved with the completion of the road. Residents of the village are asking the government to help them construct the road fundamentally. “All villagers work together to build this road. No work is difficult if there’s unity. We ask the government to take part in the construction of the road. We have lots of problems as patients particularly pregnant women cannot be timely transferred to hospital due to deteriorating condition of roads in remote areas,” said Obaid Salarzai, a resident of Dahooz, a remote village in Kunar’s Watapur district. He added that residents of their village had planned to fundamentally construct their village road so that the problems of the villagers were addressed at some extent. Meanwhile, a number of residents of the village are asking relevant international organizations to cooperate in the construction of the road. “Work on this road is very difficult. Relevant international organizations should cooperate with us in the construction of the road,” said Haris Khan, a resident of Kunar. He added that international organizations should put such remote areas in their priorities and implement their projects, employ people to work and construct roads. Rohullah Kunarai, another resident of Kunar, by appreciating villagers of Dahooz for their step towards constructing the road says everybody should take part in building the country as there are lots of places to which no attention has been paid in the past 20 years. “International community has provided lots of aids to Afghanistan in the past 20 years, but only a small number of people have benefited the aids. No attention has been paid to remote areas of the country in the past 20 years,” Rohullah said, adding that nobody would build the country, except Afghans; therefore, all should take part in building the country. It is worth mentioning that most of the aids and assistance that have been provided to Afghanistan in the past 20 years have not been spent on fundamental works and much of the money has been embezzled and nobody has been questioned so far. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.