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Uzbekistan marks Independence Day

The concepts of independence and freedom are particular value to all peoples of the world. Each of them, thanks to this great blessing, chooses his own path of development, determines his own destiny, boldly strives for great heights.
The acquisition in 1991 by the firm will and courage of the Uzbek people of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, undoubtedly, became a great, unforgettable event in the thousand-year history of our country, the value and significance of which will only increase with time.
Therefore, the multinational people of Uzbekistan celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan with great joy and pride.
The people of Uzbekistan meet this sacred date, the 31st anniversary of our independence, with great achievements and grandiose plans. Undoubtedly, these years will take a worthy place in the glorious history of the country as a period of laying a solid foundation for a new stage in the development of Uzbekistan, a period of unprecedented achievements.
Because, despite various difficulties, the problems that have accumulated over the past years in all areas have been successfully resolved over the past five or six years thanks to the implementation of large-scale reforms.
The fair policy of the leader of the country and the creativity of the Uzbek people are the reasons for the grandiose transformations in every sector of life and activity of the state and society in such a short historical period.
Reforms in Uzbekistan are carried out primarily in the interests of the individual, and the principle “It is not the people that serve the state bodies, but the state bodies must serve the people” has taken root in the life of the state and society and has become a golden rule. Each of the compatriots must realize that it is not easy to establish a measured sustainable development, maintain peace and tranquility, and effectively pursue a pragmatic, open foreign policy in a period of intense competition between countries.
The Uzbek people are achieving these successes thanks to the fair policy of the head of state, who thinks first of all about the interests of the people, and the joint worthy work of compatriots.
The democratic reforms carried out in the country, the positive changes taking place in the life and consciousness of the Uzbek people contribute to further strengthening the atmosphere of harmony and friendship between representatives of different nationalities and religious confessions, and knowledge of the essence of the ongoing work to ensure a peaceful life in society increases the sense of ownership among compatriots and inspires them to achieve higher goals.
Today, when contradictions, national and religious conflicts are intensifying between some countries, public diplomacy becomes extremely important. One of the main directions of our inter-parliamentary cooperation is the provision of peace and stability in all states, the strengthening of the ideas of humanism and the expansion of friendly relations between countries and peoples.
In particular, cooperation with such international structures as the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has been strengthened.
A number of international forums and conferences were held together with them.
As an example, such large forums as “Global inter-parliamentary cooperation in achieving sustainable development goals”, held in Bukhara, and “The role of parliament in ensuring interethnic harmony and interreligious tolerance”, organized in Samarkand with the participation of the general public and religious figures, can be cited. .
Speaking about international relations, it is also worth noting with satisfaction that the activities of 25 inter-parliamentary groups and two commissions have been organized.
In particular, the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Joint Commission with the Federal Assembly of Russia was resumed, a friendship group with Uzbekistan was formed in the US Congress. Our cooperation with the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries and other influential international parliamentary structures is expanding.
The foundation of the third Renaissance is being successfully laid in the country, the construction of New Uzbekistan is underway. Our people are confidently moving to great heights.
Large structures erected in recent years in different parts of our country show how high the aspirations of Uzbekistan are, how great the creative potential of our people is.
The feeling of pride in the hearts of millions of our compatriots grew even more after the grand opening of the international tourist center “The Great Silk Road”, built in Samarkand on the direct idea and initiative of the head of state.
Any person will be surprised and excited by the “Eternal City” complex, a large square in its vicinity, beautiful modern buildings, a great heritage, the result of research by representatives of the Ulugbek school of astronomy – a magnificent amphitheater symbolizing “Zidji Jadidi Kuragony”
To be continued

(“New Astronomical Table of Kuragony”) , monuments that embody the unique image of ancient Samarkand, a huge tourist center, a hotel named after Amir Temur, new landscapes of Samarqand city. Undoubtedly, all this serves to strengthen Samarkand as the oldest, most beautiful and comfortable city in the world!
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan separately emphasized that similar projects are planned to be implemented in Bukhara and other regions of the republic. Such majestic monuments, skyscrapers, housing estates “Yangi Uzbekistan” with all amenities for residents are a practical expression of noble ideas implemented in the name of honor and dignity of a person, and cause a sense of pride in the hearts of our compatriots.

Tanzila Narbayeva
Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis
of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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