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Uzbek foreign minister calls for Intl efforts to provide assistance for Afghans, report

KABUL: Uzbekistan Foreign Minister, Vladimir Norov, at a European Union – Central Asia meeting that was held on Thursday last week, in Uzbekistan, called for international efforts to provide real practical assistance to the Afghan people, a media reported the other day.
Norov, as media reported, said that they discussed important issues about regional and international agendas including peace and development in Afghanistan.
“We also exchanged views on the topical issues on the regional and international agenda including sustainable peace and development in neighboring Afghanistan,” said Vladimir Norov, the foreign minister of Uzbekistan, as quoted by Tolonews, the country’s popular private TV channel.
The Islamic Emirate has not commented on this issue.
It is essential for the international community’s efforts to help Afghanistan overcome the available economic and political challenges.
The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly announced that it needed world countries’ cooperation in investment development but never allow others to interfere in its internal affairs nor it wants to interfere in other countries internal affairs. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.