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USA better realizes reality instead of blaming

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KABUL: United State is seeking to spread its dominance over world and region. Therefore, ISIS, Al-Qaeda or other whatsoever terrorist group are the America’s baseless excuses to stay in central and southern Asia.
Moreover, U.S. President Joe Biden nominated Lieutenant General Michael E. Kurilla to be the next commander of Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees military operations in the Middle East. If confirmed, Kurilla will replace General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., whose tenure is set to end later this year after three years of service. Both Kurilla and McKenzie have experience in Afghanistan.
The Senate voted to confirm Army Lt. Gen. Michael Kurilla to lead the military’s top command overseeing operations in the Middle East in a wide-ranging senate confirmation hearing. Lieutenant general Michael Kurilla warned that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are reconstituting. Although, his comments have nothing to do with Afghanistan.
Given his statements, it can be seen that his focus and mission are something else. He clearly remarked that China is about to become a super power and its interests are against the USA administration. In addition, Beijing and Moscow have come closer. Therefore, now America wants to save its dominance in the country. He added that the US government is willing to impose various sanctions on China and Russia.
According to the intelligence agencies of US, China is planning to establish a military base in the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, countries such as Egypt, Iran and even Saudi are hoping to attract economic and military support of Russia. In turn, Russia also considers its former Soviet allies as security zone. It will not let NATO or other countries to make any move on them. The Russian sensitivity against NATO missions in Ukraine or the long lasting presence of USA in Afghanistan that has agreements with other Soviet Union countries, it is evident that in such a situation, it is Kurilla’s responsibility and devoted mission to fight the ever increasing dominance of China and Russia in the region.
Consequently, America, in order to compete its strong competitors in the region, needs to continue its presence near its rival countries and for such a presence it needs some reasons so that it can justify it.
However, the message of Afghanistan is also simple and clear.
Afghanistan cannot afford to be the source and soil for proxy wars. Also, Afghans will not allow intruders to justify their unpleasant and unwelcomed presence in the country, which in fact is mostly justified by the intelligence organizations with baseless reasons and accusations.
ISIS and Al-Qaeda are self-made names that can be used as excuses for USA’s other programs in the region while there are no foreign or domestic warlords or any other armed groups in the country. Also, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will not allow such things.
It would be better that American think tanks realize the realities of Afghanistan instead of making false accusations and should not stick its nose where it does not belong.
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