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US to reconsider combat mission if Taliban continue violence

CAMP BOST, AFGHANISTAN - SEPTEMBER 11: U.S. service members walk off a helicopter on the runway at Camp Bost on September 11, 2017 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. About 300 marines are currently deployed in Helmand Province in a train, advise, and assist role supporting local Afghan security forces. Currently the United States has about 11,000 troops in the deployed in Afghanistan, with a reported 4,000 more expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Last month, President Donald Trump announced his plan for Afghanistan which called for an increase in troop numbers and a new conditions-based approach to the war, getting rid of a timetable for the withdrawal of American forces in the country. (Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

Following the signing of peace accord between the US and Taliban in Doha and beginning of intra-Afghan talks, a ray of hope was opened for the war-weary Afghan masses, wishing to live in a safe and sound environment without any fear of war and bloodshed. Hopes that have always germinated in mind and heart of Afghan people.
But violence intensified after the signing of US-Taliban peace accord, which not only predominated an atmosphere of disappointment and hopelessness among the war fed up people but also displaced thousands of families throughout the country from their native dwellings and villages.
Although the new US administration put assessment of the accord signed with Taliban at the top of its agenda but the review of which was not effective and sufficient to Afghan people to prevent deterioration of violence contrary to expectations and merely it delayed withdrawal schedule time from May to September. Unfortunately with passing each day, the violence increased and beside devastation of infrastructures, both sides of the conflict that are the Afghans themselves, sustaining heavy casualties.
The ulema of Islamic countries including preacher of Masjed ul Haram in Saudi Arabia also called the war in Afghanistan illegal and illegitimate and emphasized on immediate stop of violence. Even they called the Afghan war as the genocide of Muslims.
These verdicts and opinions have never been accepted by Taliban. While the withdrawal of foreign troops has not been ended from Afghanistan, the intensified violence by group in the country has caused Pentagon to focus on security and Intelligence services once again which might lead to returning a number of their troops to Afghanistan.
Foreign media have recently reported that Pentagon officials while addressing the US House said that they may return to Afghanistan due to concern on the danger of presence of al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan. The US authorities talk on their probable return to Afghanistan at a time that prior to this, the Afghan security authorities had also warned on return of al-Qaeda to Afghanistan.
General Director of Afghan NDS had said two weeks ago that al-Qaeda has established trans-ideologic relations with Taliban and recent changes in Afghanistan situation have caused the leaders of this group who had hidden previously outside Afghanistan to reappear on the scene.
Therefore, if continuation of war and presence and brotherhood of Taliban with terrorist groups lead to returning of the US forces to Afghanistan, no doubt the war scenario would change and its historical responsibility would be upon shoulder of those who have ignored Doha peace accord, emphasize on war, and have not respected request and demand of the Afghan government, verdict of religious ulema of Islamic countries and appeal of the international organizations and institutions.
Therefore, still opportunities are available that with the beginning of a meaningful intra-Afghan peace talks, and the Taliban should stop violence, announce and observe a nationwide ceasefire as well as cut their relations with al-Qaeda so to have access to a nationwide and just peace which is the old dream of people in one hand and way would be paved to full withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan on the other.
Meanwhile it would help Afghan government to start work on new chapter of cooperation with the international community, particularly the US as its strategic partner and continue political, economic, and diplomatic relations after withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan.

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