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US, Taliban resume peace talks in Doha

According to reports, new round of peace talks has been kicked off between the US special representative Zalmail Khalilzad and Taliban negotiator delegation in Doha, Qatar’s capital.
Calling the talks effective, Khalilzad said simultaneously with continuation of meetings in Doha, work was ongoing on establishing a national team to start intra-Afghani negotiations with the Taliban.
Four key issues will be discussed with the Taliban delegation, but no details have so far been given in this regard, Khalilzad twitted.
Over the last two days, U.S. and Taliban working groups have prepared a draft on withdrawal of foreign forces, close sources to the Taliban said.
Both sides also assured that Afghanistan’s soil won’t be used against other countries after peace agreement is reached, according to Taliban sources.
But the most important issue is that the US has suggested three to five years for withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, an action has not been accepted by the Taliban yet and they ask for shortening this period.
Expressing optimism over peace efforts, High Peace Council (HPC) stresses that any negotiation with the opponent groups should be done with the government of Afghanistan.
Expressing concern over US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan, military experts say that US should not leave Afghanistan all of a sudden, otherwise, insurgency will bolster in the country.
“We have several times stressed that without foreign support, it is difficult to have a stable country, thus, US should remain by the people of Afghanistan until our security forces reach self-reliance,” a veteran Nawid Elham said.
Stressing on ceasefire by warring-sides, a farmer Taliban member Sayd Akbar Agha said we asked both sides not to prolong ongoing challenges to reach a trace.
It is merit to mention that many countries have so far wanted to take part in Afghan peace talks, but people believe that peace would be restored when the warring-sides accept the country’s laws.
The government of Afghanistan will spare no effort on peace talks, but the insurgent groups should know that war is not the solution, thus, they should respect the country’s constitution and join peace process.
This comes that no effort would be fruitful unless the insurgent groups’ funding resources operational beyond the country to be eliminated.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.