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US pole in Afghan govt, Taliban’s peace talks

The US-Taliban talks to conclude the long Afghan conflict has been deadlocked. Pakistan wants to play its role in this game. A reliable source of Taliban office in Quetta has confirmed that a delegation of Taliban political office in Qatar including. Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzay, Shahabuddin Delwar, Ziaurrahman Madani and Abdul Salam Hanafi has recently arrived in Islamabad.
The source added that the delegation has been invited by Pakistan and Pakistan thinks that Islamabad has been marginalized in recent Afghan peace talks. According to Taliban spokesman Zabihulla Mujahid, the Taliban representatives of Qatar Office have visited different countries for peace talks.
The news on visit of the Taliban delegation to Islamabad has been announced at a time that the US Department of State Special envoy for Afghanistan peace Zalmai Khalilzad has arrived in Islamabad for the third rounds of negotiation with Pakistani authorities. According to available reports, during this visit, Khalilzad is expected to talk and discuss quality of Taliban pushing to peace talks.
Prior to this, the British Daily Telegraph had written that a Taliban delegation has gone to Pakistan to meet their leaders in Pakistan prior to their third round of talks with US authorities is supposed to meet Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah. This visit is taking place among Taliban leaders after killing of one of the senior Taliban leaders Mullah Abdul Manan in Helmand. He was said to have been against peace with Americans and was targeted in an air raid.
The Afghan presidential office has recently appointed a 12-member delegation for talks with Taliban. The Afghan authorities have requested Taliban to appoint their delegation for these talks, but rejecting this request the Taliban said that their war and peace is with the Americans.
The US president Donald Trump has also recently sent a letter to PM Imran Khan of Pakistan and asked him to pressure Taliban to attend peace talks table with Afghan government.
In his letter to Pakistan PM, president Trump has acknowledged that Pakistan has the capability to destroy Taliban safe hideouts in its territory. According to Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs, in lieu of this, the US would revise its deteriorated ties with Pakistan. In the letter it has been clarified that Pakistan help to Afghan peace process is considered as a basic principle for creation of a sustainable partnership of Washington-Islamabad.
President Trump has admitted that war in Afghanistan has damaged both the US and Pakistan and has emphasized that its essential for both Washington and Islamabad to seek opportunities for joint work and new partnership.
According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, she is still committed to play the role of facilitator of peace talks in Afghanistan with good will.
Since long time, the US authorities have been pressurizing Pakistan to draw Taliban leaders who are living in its territory to talks table.
Despite of all these peace efforts Taliban who are the main warring faction in Afghan war, have not shown a green light to sit around a table with Afghan government for direct talks.
Lailuma Noori

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