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US forces’ drawdown won’t affect Afghanistan security: Spokesman

KABUL: The pullout of US troops training and advising local forces would have no adverse effect on the security situation in Afghanistan, Presidential spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said on Friday. His remarks came in reaction to US leader Donald Trump’s announcement of withdrawing nearly 7,000 American troops from the country within months.
Four years back, the spokesman recalled, analysts feared the country would slide into anarchy in the wake of 100,000 foreign soldiers’ pullout. But the concerns were proved wrong by the valiant Afghan forces with their sacrifices, he argued.
The Afghan security forces, who had been in the frontline in the war on terror since 2014, had since been safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity and protecting the citizens, the spokesman maintained.
Chakhansuri wrote the Afghan air force and ground troops, despite the war imposed on their country, had considerably grown in strength over the last four years — a journey that continued on a successful note,
“The Afghans have been in charge of their security over the past four years. Our ultimate goal is that Afghan forces should stand on their own feet in defending their motherland and nation in a permanent manner,” he concluded.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.