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US emphasizes troops presence in Afghanistan

Recently, US officials have declared that presence of their forces in Afghanistan is a must, otherwise the terrorist groups would get strong again and repeat Sep. 11 alike attacks.
Currently, there are over twenty insurgent factions operational in the region, thus, if the US forces leave Afghanistan, they would organize attacks similar with Sep. 11, they said.
US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford has recently said that peace with the Taliban is key, but he stressed on enhancing political, economic and social pressures against the group to find a solution to Afghanistan’s political challenge.
If we had not imposed pressures on al-Qaeda and Daesh in the region, we would have expecting for Sep. 11 alike attacks now, he added.
He believes that the U.S. have long-term interests in south Asia and to protect them, it should have long-term diplomatic, economic and security presence in the region.
A military expert Jawid Kohistani said to control the current situation, the US should at least outnumber its forces in Afghanistan, particularly as the Taliban group has given hand with the US rival countries.
Another military expert Zalmai Ehsas says if attention has been paid to Afghan air force over the last more than one and half a decade, today, we would have an equipped air force who would be able to conduct airstrikes by their own.But unfortunately, necessary attention has not been paid to this section. Therefore, it is hoped the US in its new strategy to pay serious heed to the Afghan air force, he added.
A veteran, Col. Mohammad Jabarkhil said, “There is no doubt that the Afghan security forces have visible capabilities against the enemy’s threats, but they need to be further trained. Therefore, the international community is expected to seriously step up in this respect.”
He stressed that Daesh is an external phenomenon and has changed into a global threat now, thus, it needs joint cooperation to uproot the faction.
The international community particularly the US should help militarily strengthen Afghanistan, besides, we should peacefully find a solution to negotiate with the warring sides, former deputy minister of interior Hadi Khlid the
A political expert Aminzoy believes that Afghanistan’s war has different dimensions, thus, if the neighboring countries want to ensure peace and stability in the region, they should honestly cooperate with the Afghan government in peace talks.
There is no doubt that the international community is important to Afghanistan and now, the Afghan people expect the US to prioritize targeting terrorists’ centers and let the Afghan war to be led by own Afghans, he added. This comes as however, seventeen years have been passed since presence of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, the country is still facing imposed wars and fighting terrorism is still one of the top priorities of the government.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.