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US concerning over al-Qaeda & Daesh increasing activities in Afghanistan

By: Lailuma Noori

Ross Wilson, US Chargé d’Affaires to Afghanistan says US is concerning over increasing activities of al-Qaeda and Daesh in Afghanistan.
Speaking to local media outlets via webinar, Wilson added that US was committed to continued support to Afghanistan to protect its interests and make sure the country did not change to save havens for terrorists.
Meanwhile, US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad on his recent visit to Kazakhstan has considered Daesh as increased challenge for the region, saying that the terrorist group will pose big threat to the region.
In the past two decades, al-Qaeda has been able to protect its network despite of US continued attacks. Following US announcement for full troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, al-Qaeda network has reactivated in Afghanistan. It is said that the network is changing its face that be an alarm for the security of the region and world.
During the past long years, destructive activities and operations of al-Qaeda have shown that the network does not depend on a single leadership as most of its operations have been conducted independently under supervision of local leaders in Middle East. The network has the ability to replace its numerous leaders as its roots could be found worldwide. The network has been defeated, but this time it will enter with full strength to current disputes of Afghanistan as well as Middle East to bring more destructive crisis.
Based on evidence, most al-Qaeda fighters and its affiliated groups have been involved in dozens of attacks following the US – Taliban peace agreement in Doha in Afghanistan as the network is operating under the umbrella of the Taliban group.
In the US – Taliban peace agreement, Taliban has committed to cut its relations with all terrorist groups including al-Qaeda, but the group is still linking to al-Qaeda, Daesh and a number of other terrorist groups operating in the region.
On the other hand, Daesh terrorist group is considered as the worst experience of terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Although the group is unable to launch widespread operations in the country, the group’s fighters have focused on terrorizing and killing of Afghans in many parts of the country.
It is believed that Afghanistan is not the last destination for Daesh. The group is planning to pose threats to the whole region. Therefore, it is good that the group is suppressed in Afghanistan to prevent the group from launching destructive operations in other countries in the region.
In his recent remarks, the head of US Central Command, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, has said that the US will seek to keep pressure on Daesh and Al-Qaida.
“One thing I probably need to emphasize is we will still do everything we can to keep pressure on Daesh and Al-Qaeda, from our over-the-horizon locations,” McKenzie has said.
This comes amid of increasing violence and Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the full US and NATO troops withdrawal process has been accelerated recently; therefore, concerns are increasing over increasing activities of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.


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