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US asks Taliban to agree on long-term reduction of violence in Afghanistan

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan government considers the plan of reduction of violence in the country as meaningless and instead stresses on starting the intra-Afghan dialogue and accepting ceasefire by the Taliban group.
According to reports, US has asked the Taliban group to agree on a long-term reduction of violence in Afghanistan to pave the way for signing the peace deal between both sides. The group has also shared the US demand with their leaders; therefore, consultations are underway in this regard.
Earlier reports indicated that the Taliban agreed to a short-term reduction in violence. The sources said the Taliban has shared the new US demand with their leadership and that internal discussions are underway.
A week back, Taliban presented a plan for reduction of violence as precondition for starting peace talks after Afghanistan government insisted on exercising ceasefire in the country. The plan for reduction of violence is considered as new and unprecedented in terminology of war and peace. There is no doubt that the suggestion is a new tactic of the Taliban group to implement their strategy.
Definitely, peace deal with the US requires ceasefire with the US, meaning that Taliban won’t attack on US bases and forces in Afghanistan and US won’t attack on Taliban fighters in the country. Without this, no peace deal will be signed between US and Taliban. The group thinks that they will increase their attacks on ANDSF after signing the peace deal with the US.
Now, if the group wants the process to be successful and intends to live peacefully beside the people of Afghanistan, why they don’t agree on maintaining ceasefire in the country? If the group has preparation for peace in the country, they should accept ceasefire rather than reduction of violence in the country.
Surprisingly, political parties and a number of Afghan politicians consider the tactic of Taliban and their suggestion for reduction of violence in the country as a step forward and are insisting on accepting it while the group usually reduces violence during the winter season.
We hope that political parties and politicians choose a realistic mechanism for the protection of the current republic system rather than create various addresses for talks with the Taliban and Pakistan.
Currently, peace talks between US delegation led by Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban negotiators are continuing in Qatar, but with some breaks in recent days.
In latest round of peace talks in Qatar, the Taliban has reportedly agreed to a reduction in violence for a 10-day period which means the group will not carry out attacks in urban areas, sources close to the meetings say.
Nevertheless, Afghanistan government officials have said that ending the war and bringing peace to the country are priorities of the government, insisting on ceasefire for talks with the Taliban group.

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