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Urgent need of budgets quick approval

By: The Kabul Times

The draft of 1399 fiscal year’s budget was submitted to the house plenary session. The total amount of the national budget has been anticipated Afs 428 bln including Afs 289 bln ordinary budget and Afs 139 bln development budget (Afs 63bln optional and Afs 75 b non-optional). In this session, acting MoF Homayoun Qayoumi provided detailed information on unprecedented increase of national revenues, spending of development budget at government level, draft of 1399 fiscal year’s budget in which framework of medium term expenditures, budgeting reforms and preparing of national budget draft based on government economic self-sufficiency policy have been inserted, successful completion of the government financial and economic reforms with IMF under the program of extension of credential facilities, preservation of financial stability and economic growth, implementation of reforms, war on corruption, plan of provincial balance and other relevant issues.
Acting MoF added, budget of 1399 fiscal year has been based on realities, available resources and priorities of the government and in this budget further attention has been concentrated on development budget and if it is compared to 1398 fiscal year, it shows an 11 pc increase and 3 pc has been economized in ordinary budget.
He went on to say that the government priorities in the budget draft include sectors of defense, public order and security, education, culture and religion, accommodation, adaptability of society and governance that have allocated each one 24pc, 14pc, 12pc, 8.9 pc and 8.7 pc of the national budget respectively.
Major part of the development budget has been allocated for sectors of house construction, social harmony, transport and communication, energy and mines, governance and public services, that amounts to AFS 36.4 bln, 27.5bln, 25.4bln and 13.5bln.
People expect the house to approve the budget as quick as possible because its rapid approval would accelerate speed of affairs in ministries and departments and contrary its delay would cause problems and challenges and relevant affairs would witness stagnation and development projects would not be started, payments will be stopped and no contracting company would be involve in the projects and factories will be facing lack of construction martial and the law makers are needed to start work on draft budget and prepare it for approval of the budget.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.