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Upcoming presidential elections need Int’l community’s financial support

By: Suraya Raiszada

Although less time has left for holding of presidential elections but the funding sources of the expenditures of the elections have not been specified. Prior to this, the presidential palace had said that if the world community would not be ready to fund the budget for upcoming presidential elections, the government would be ready to fund it.
Talking on the government preparations for funding and paying of the election budget, deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussein Mortazawi said, the government is determined to hold the presidential elections at every circumstances and fund its budget too.
The IEC authorities said that election expenditures have been estimated US $149875000 and the government has to pay it on time to IEC.
The MoF officials say that they are in contact with a number of countries how had promised to cooperate for holding of presidential elections and efforts are underway for funding of elections budget.
MoF spokesman Shamroz Khan Masjedi said, despite ongoing discussions and talks on funding of elections budget, but no country has shown green light on this issue yet. If the world community would not be ready to fund this budget, the government would fund it from domestic sources.
IEC spokesman Zabihullah Sadat said, although the IEC has already started its operational works but the budget for upcoming presidential elections has not been transferred to us yet and only the budget for completion of voter registrations has been given to IEC.
A number of elections observers bodies address lack of sound management of previous IEC commission as the reason for not payment of election budget by the world community.
CEO, FIFA Yusuf Rasheed said, only three months have left to holding of presidential elections and reluctance of the world community has made the election controversial. If the world community don’t fund the election budget, the Afghan government would not be able alone to hold on time election.
He added, if the subsequent stages of election including supply of voting materials, salaries of IEC temporary employees, budget for employees training and providing technical facilities for IEC are not provided, holding of elections would be difficult.
In opinion of a number of experts, IEC and ECC have made disloyalty to people and therefore the world community no longer trust them. The new leadership of these commissions are requested to make proper efforts and prepare for elections. Jamal Farahmad a political commentator said, IEC should try to rehabilitate the lost confidence of the world community in order to get budget for elections. The world financial support of election would grant legitimacy to this process. Reluctance of the world community to fund the election is a source of concern.
It is believed that prior to IEC and ECC capabilities, the presidential election requires a political determination. Afghanistan global allies have always emphasis on a free, fair and transparent election.  

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