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Unwittingly troops’ border-crossing no threat to neighbors

A number of media have recently reported that some Afghan security personnel have crossed the border into Uzbekistan.
Following growing insurgency, they said a number of Afghan security personnel may have tactically crossed the friendly neighboring countries borders.
Meantime, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has recently said that it was seriously investigating media reports that some Afghan nationals have crossed into the border with Uzbekistan.
The ministry, releasing a statement, said that the Afghan government has received information that some Afghan security personnel have crossed into the Uzbek territory and this would seriously and comprehensively be investigated to make the reasons clear about all dimensions of the matter. According to media, following a fierce attack from a group of the armed Taliban militants on the border checkpoints in Kaldar district of Balkh province, a number of Afghan troops fled the area and crossed other sides of the country’s border, according to Tajikistan’s state news agency.
The agency reported that the troops entered Tajikistan through its Shahrtuz border outpost, a district in the very southwestern corner of the country, intersecting Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.
Following the incidents, some neighboring countries deployed more troops along their borders with Afghanistan, with also a fear of terrorist influence, a plan would be effective in preventing insurgency. But in the meantime, if correct, temporally crossing of some Afghan security personnel to other sides of border would pose no threat to the security of the neighboring countries. All neighboring, regional and even world countries should be grateful of the Afghans as they are at the front line of war against terrorism and Islamic extremism.
Over the last several decades of militancy in Afghanistan, the borders with the neighboring countries were safe and secure, thanks to the Afghan forces for dedicating themselves to prevent insurgency influence in other sides of borders.
A tactical withdrawal, tactical evacuation and tactical flee to other sides including other countries territories should not be interpreted violating international law of borders.
On the other, the country’s ministry of foreign affairs has announced that it would seriously investigate the issue to see if the borders were violated by the country’s security forces and why. So, the neighboring countries should join hand and stay alongside of the Afghans to fight any kind of terror, including ISIS, Taliban or other militant groups threatening security of the nations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.