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UN’s positive assessment of Afghanistan helps open a pathway to IEA recognition

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), in a document to the United Nations, expressed its stance towards the assessment of a UN team on the situation in Afghanistan and said that ‘the recommendations support the strengthening of the national economy of the country and opening of the pathway to the recognition of the Islamic system and encourage regional connectivity and transit via Afghanistan.’ But the current incumbent Islamic system is not ready to accept that Afghanistan was a conflict zone and that a foreign-imposed political solution; roughly claimed intra-Afghan dialogue to be necessary. Such a way of solution is not effective because the current government is inclusive and represents the tribes of different strata and any endives by the international community in this respect is only wasting time. The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in an assessment to the UNSC, provided a range of recommendations for the reintegration of Afghanistan into the international community. According to the media, the recommendations included building confidence by addressing the immediate needs of Afghans; continuing cooperation on key security, regional and political issues; a roadmap for reintegration of the state of Afghanistan into the international system and mechanisms to support engagement. Guterres also called for the appointment of a new UN envoy and the start of intra-Afghan negotiations to result in the formation of a so-called inclusive government, which is unacceptable for the Afghans, as one of the main reasons for the past regime’s failure was corrupt elections in the composition of the governments. We welcome the accuracy of the document, but never accept a foreignimposed political system or a puppet regime, as, according to the IEA spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, Afghanistan has a strong central government that is perfectly capable of independently managing its internal affairs as well as conducting its own diplomacy, so, the establishment of parallel mechanisms, such as a special political envoy by the United Nations, are not accepted. Also, Afghanistan should not be viewed as a political vacuum or an ungoverned space, as the Islamic Emirate is obligated to take into consideration the religious values and national interests of the country while widely engaging with the world and will not allow anyone to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. The human rights situation is better than in the past, regional security is ensured, narcotics are fought and the inclusivity of the current government is fully secured furthermore the Islamic Emirate continues efforts to broaden the skirt of its governance to the greatest extent possible and any move accept the reintegration and bringing back of the former corrupt and failed officials or form a shares-based government is an act against the will and favor of the people of Afghanistan. If the United Nations and other world bodies want to cooperate with the government-building process, they should directly cooperate with the Islamic Emirate instead of reshaping the government based on sharing with former regimes dishonorable and disreputable officials.

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