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Unnecessary entities removal; a step towards good governance

Scores of unnecessary or costly administrations and entities have recently been dissolved, following a move by the reform commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) to avoid spending extra
Two state ministries, including peace and the parliamentary affairs as well as both electoral commissions have recently been dissolved from among the government official administrations after being assessed not needed.
The two electoral commissions which took millions of U.S. dollar to be established and supported are not needed now and would be reactivated in case of need.
The two ministries and the commissions are no longer needed and their removal could help budget saved and the system building made transparent.
The ministry of state for peace has been widely involved in peace affairs between the previous government and the Islamic Emirate representatives and is no longer needed. Also other entities such as electoral commissions have no reasons for continuation of operation.
Media quoted the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as saying that the institutions have been dissolved and the staffs would be moved to other departments.
This is a fair and right plan made by the Islamic Emirate to remove extra-budget spending institutions and agencies within the government administrations framework. In the past, many parallel and unnecessary administrations have been established by the previous government which have been spending heavy budget. Now the budget, they were spending could be used in other development projects.
Dissolution of the unnecessary ministries and commissions, could in fact be a step toward transparency in system building in the country.
Removal of additional administrations can also ensure good governance, as in the past, the institutions have been created to hire some certain individuals not based on their profession, capability or enough
experiences but based on collusion and their relations to some government high-ranking officials.
Now, the IEA is making effort to recruit people in the state-run departments based on their capacities and vacancies, rather to their relations.
As, the available data of some administrations and institutions shows, the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs had 403 employees and thee were up to 38 employees in the State Ministry for Peace, while
the IEC’s staffs have reached to 1,021, something spending extra money in the poverty-stricken nation.
This will take high budget and extra money in term of renting buildings and paying high salaries to the staffs

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.