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University entrance exams held successfully in Kabul

KABUL: The university entrance examination was launched on Thursday in Kabul, the capital of the country, where nearly 30,000 students participated in the program, according to officials.
Abdul Qahar Khamosh, the acting head of the National Examination Authority, said that the results of the exam will be transparently announced.
The exams have been launched simultaneously in four universities, with nearly 34,000 high-school graduate students participated in the long delayed process, said the official.
“The examinations were held in two rounds. 14,500 people were in the morning and more than 14,500 people participate in the afternoon,” said Khamosh.
According to him, Kabul was the last province to launch university entrance as the government decided to hold the test for 33 provinces in one round.
Jawidullah, one of the participants of the university entrance examination, said that when he was a child, he hoped to become an engineer. “Now, I hope to be selected for this field,” he told the private Tolonews TV.
The university entrance examination was better this year compared to the years before,” said a participant.
The university entrance examination segregated male and female students and some of the students expressed happiness in taking the entrance examination.
The results of the examination will be announced within the next one or two weeks.
“I have prepared a lot. I am very happy that I got the chance to take the examination,” a participant told the TV.
Nearly 140,000 students took part in the university examination this year.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.