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Unfreezing assets to end rising poverty, unemployment in Afghanistan

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly asked for the country’s assets to be unfrozen to put an end to increasing poverty and unemployment in the country. Afghanistan is facing with various challenges, particularly poverty and unemployment. If the country’s foreign assets are unfrozen, the Islamic Emirate can launch various major strategic projects that can help reduce poverty and unemployment in the country. Acting Economy Minister, Qari Din Mohammad Hanif in his recent meeting with Taria Waterdal, head of the “Norwegian Committee for Afghanistan”, considered continued economic sanctions and the freezing of foreign exchange capital as the main reason for increasing poverty and unemployment in the country. “I think continued economic sanctions and the freezing of the country’s foreign assets have re sulted in increasing poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan,” said Qari Din Mohammad Hanif, acting minister of economy. Acting minister of economy added that humanitarian aid itself could not solve the existing economic problems in the country, calling on international organizations to conduct development programs and projects to create job opportunities and gradually reduce the level of poverty in the Afghan community in this dire time. Talks on the release of the central bank’s assets have been unresolved for months. The Islamic Emirate leadership has repeatedly asked the international community to lift all sanctions that have been imposed on the Islamic Emirate. Afghanistan’s economy and people have suffered an overwhelming shock in the past few years. The ongoing crisis has been driven by the cutoff of development aid, existing international sanctions and the freezing of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves. This has sparked the incipient collapse of the private sector, banking system and the urban economy in particular precipitating enormous humanitarian needs. On top of all of this, Afghanistan is in the middle of a devastating drought, the second drought in three years. Afghanistan, already had the second-highest level of food insecurity in the world, high rates of poverty and unemployment. With all these increasing problems, it is time that the world should unfreeze Afghanistan’s foreign assets and lift all sanctions that have been imposed on Afghanistan in the past two years. In Afghanistan, most families have become vulnerable in terms of earning income, and most of the country’s population is made up of individuals whose heads of families have been working in vulnerable jobs. If the people of the country do not work daily, they will not be able to meet their daily needs. In the past almost two years, the Islamic Emirate leadership has been working to prevent the increase in inflation and poverty. The government has been able to keep the supply stable and launch some small and major projects that could have somehow addressed poverty and unemployment to some extent in the country. What the world needs to do is to unfreeze the central bank’s foreign assets, lift all sanctions imposed on the Islamic Emirate and enter to positive engagement with Afghanistan government so that all challenges and problems facing the people of Afghanistan are addressed. Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.