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Unemployment; major social problems facing Afghan youth

Afghanistan is a country where 68 percent of its population is the youth under 25 years old, who have faced with lots of problems due to decades of war, insecurities, political changes and economical problems in the country.
When people are on their 20s and 30s of their age, they are with all the mental ability and physical strength; therefore, mostly developed nations have sought the most benefit in the way of progress and development and from the strength of young people.
The role of the youth in the field of reconstruction and modernization of the country has been proven valuable and productive, but unemployment and lack of work opportunities, increasing poverty are considered as the main concerning phenomena and problems facing the Afghan youth in the country.
The high unemployment rate in Afghanistan has posed a great threat to hundreds of educated and skilled young people as most Afghan youth are looking for opportunities to leave for foreign countries. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is working to find work opportunities for Afghan youth so that they can stay and help the country develop.
As Afghanistan continues to remain under the grip of severe unemployment, a projection warns that the job losses are estimated to reach 700,000 and 900,000 by mid-2022.
The estimation was given out in a range of reports released by international organizations.
A number of Afghan youth say they have been unemployed for the past one year, adding that they’re looking for jobs, but they have not found any so far.
“I was an employee of the ministry of mines and petroleum but lost my job last year,” said Ahmad, former employee of the ministry of mines and petroleum.
He said most of unemployed youth were looking for opportunities to leave the country, asking the Islamic Emirate to pay attention to increasing problems facing the Afghan youth in the country. According to some youth, the unemployment rate among youth is increasing by passing each single day.
There is a direct link between employment levels and a reduction in poverty rates, and Afghanistan confronts additional variegated dilemmas of a flailing banking sector and vulnerable segments of the society being specifically targeted.
Currently, more than one million children between five and 17 are working. For a country that has suffered from a debilitating 20-year war. It is time to find the casual factors of this economic meltdown, which includes the 2022 unemployment crisis and find a way for solution so that most youth go back to work in government and private sector in the country.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.