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UNAMA did significant works in Afghanistan, MoFA

After the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) extended the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) for only six months, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said UNAMA has fulfilled very significant works in Afghanistan for the past several years; therefore, the country’s needed continued mission of UNAMA.
“We’re not happy as UNSC has extended the mandate of UNAMA mission for only six months, but it is said the mandate will be extended again after the six months as the UNAMA mission in Afghanistan has been successful,” a spokesperson to MoFA Sibghat Ahmadi said.
“As before, we have very good relations with our international partners and friends. I hope Afghanistan international partners will definitely extend the mandate of UNAMA for another year,” Ahmadi added.
UNAMA’s mandate was not approved for 12 months due to political tensions between the United States and China who are the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Based on the approved resolution, UNAMA’s mission will end on 17 September 2019. 
Afghanistan’s permanent representative at the UN Adela Raz said Afghanistan is currently in a critical juncture and that support of the UNSC would help the country move forward. 
“Afghanistan stands at a critical juncture,” she emphasized.
Raz went on to say that the Afghan government is committed to having a transparent electoral process and also it is working toward an Afghan-owned and Afghan-lead peace process. 
Raz said Afghanistan expects the UNSC to continue its support to Kabul and help government move forward.
“We expect the Security Council to remain firmly engaged in our stabilization efforts in the way forward,” she stressed.
According to the UNSC resolution says that China wanted the Belt and Road initiative to be pointed to in the UNSC resolution on UNAMA’s mission extension in Afghanistan, but it did not happen as the US sees ambiguities about the project and says that China is following political goals behind the initiative.The problem, thus, caused the UN mission to be extended only for six months.
Afghan political experts consider continued presence of UN in Afghanistan in particular in current situation in which peace talks are underway as significant.
“UN presence in Afghanistan is important enough and the UNAMA mission in Afghanistan should have been extended for one year and efforts should be made to change the mission’s role and mechanism,” head of civil society association Aziz Rafiyee said.
He stressed that Afghanistan was still facing with continued war, corruption, injustice and various challenges; therefore, continuation of the UNAMA mission was a serious need and should be considered.
He further said that UN should make use of opportunities and take necessary steps towards helping Afghanistan in counter corruption, good governance, peace process, maintaining human and women rights in the country.
Another Afghan civil society activist Safia Sediqi believes that role of UN in Afghanistan is important enough as the organization can impartially review issues of the country and share ways for solution of current problems with UN member countries. “If UN exert pressure on members of the organization and other partners of Afghanistan, they can play vital and effective role in Afghanistan issue,” Sediqi stressed.
The UNSC’s resolution in connection with extension of the mandate of the UNAMA in Afghanistan for only six months comes at a time when Afghanistan government has attained the confidence of international organizations in particular UNSC in the field of counter corruption, peace process, counter narcotics and fighting terrorism and we will see what decision will be taken by UNSC regarding extension of its political mission in Afghanistan.
Suraya Raiszada

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