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UN welcomes changes in electoral commissions

Welcoming changes within electoral commissions, UN officials in Afghanistan stressed that parliamentary elections’ results should be soon finalized and declared.
They expected the government, presidential elections’ runners and civil entities to recruit eligible persons in the commissions.
Recently, the government of Afghanistan have sacked all heads and in-charges of the electoral commissions and the judicial organs banned them from travel.
A political figures Fazel Ahmad Menavi believes if the commissions’ members to be divided among the presidential runners, the upcoming elections would face with serious challenges.
Beside assigning the commissions’ commissioners and heads, a proper system is needed to be created, an issue that should be paid heed to hold transparent elections, he further said.
Expressing concern over frauds in recruiting electoral commissions’ members, a university lecturer Amidzoy said serious attention should be paid to assign eligible and patriotic individuals in electoral commissions, because, if this issue is followed by presidential candidates, each of them would vote for their relevant persons.
Afghanistan has spent more than one billion dollars to hold elections over the last years, but unfortunately, it has failed to establish trustable electoral entities, he added.
Reforming electoral system is among the basic needs of the Afghan people to hold a sound election, because, the last election has been facing with serious problems and challenges, an expert on Afghanistan issues Sahib Nazar Muradi said.
Thus, the international community should support the government of Afghanistan to hold transparent and on-time elections, he went on to say.
The people of Afghanistan have experienced elections three times, they believe if the process is held transparently, they can experience democracy, he added.
Calling elections the only way that can lead Afghanistan towards democracy, he stressed the government of Afghanistan should practice changes in electoral commissions in coordination with civil society entities and in a democratic atmosphere so the people can confidently take part in a process to select their future president.
“The last experiences should not be repeated and the people’s trust should not get harmed in elections transparency and the commissions should not deceive them anymore,” another political expert Jamal Farahmand said.
He added this is the Afghan people right to use their vote in a transparent and fair elections in which has been stressed in electoral law, thus, the government should do its best to hold transparent and timely elections.
This comes as if the electoral entities can have a proper management, there is no doubt the people of Afghanistan would take part in elections process.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.