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UN urges donors to provide more aid to Afghanistan

The United Nation’s officials in a meeting of the UN Security Council held the other day in New York warned of continued and deterioration of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
In the meeting, the UN’s humanitarian chief urged donors to restore funding for Afghanistan, warning that 6 million Afghans are at risk of famine while more than half of the country’s 39 million people need humanitarian help.
“Poverty is deepening, the population is still growing, and IEA officials have no budget to invest in their own future. It’s clear to us that some development support needs to be restarted,” Martin Griffiths told the UN Security Council on August 29.
Since the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover, international assistance, which accounted for 80 percent of Afghanistan’s budget, has dried up. Due to not releasing foreign assets of Afghanistan’s central bank so far, the United Nations and aid groups say are now hindering humanitarian operations in Afghanistan.
Despite the challenges, he said UN agencies and their NGO partners have mounted “an unprecedented response” over the past year, reaching almost 23 million people. But he said $614 million was urgently required to prepare for winter including repairing and upgrading shelters and providing warm clothes and blankets, He also said that an additional $154 million is needed to arrange food and other supplies before the weather cuts access to certain areas.
In the meeting, the United States permanent representative to the UN by pointing that the U.S. has been one of the biggest donors for Afghanistan said the U.S. has provided Afghanistan with humanitarian aid worth $775 million in the past one year.
Meanwhile, the French permanent representative to the UN said that France provided Afghanistan with 123 million euros since last September, adding that EU has provided the country with 335 million euros in the past one year.
Chinese permanent representative to the UN told the meeting that China has always stressed that foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan is not the end of responsibility but the start of amendment and consideration.
“Unfortunately, relevant countries have cut off development funding to Afghanistan. It’s time that the frozen assets of Afghanistan central bank should be released,” the Chinese permanent representative said, adding that with foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the people have got the opportunity to rule on their destiny. He asked the Islamic Emirate to follow broad-based domestic and foreign policies and that the international community should increase their engagement with the government of Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that permanent representatives of most countries have raised their concern over humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan in the UNSC meeting in which challenges and problems have been discussed.

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