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UN sees real hope for peace in Afghanistan: Mattis

For the first time 17 years, the United Nations sees real hope for peace in Afghanistan, US defense chief said Saturday.
Defense Secretary James Mattis said that the US is putting pressure on the Taliban to reconcile.
“We are going to do our level best to drive this to a political resolution in order to end it (war),” Mattis said speaking at Reagan National Defense Forum.
Mattis cited conditions to the Taliban including breaking ties with al-Qaeda, stop killing and live by the Constitution. Asked about rise in violence in Afghanistan, Mattis said that the Taliban are seeking to dominate people through bombs.
“The Taliban have made very clear that the lives of the Afghan people are of no interest them. They know they cannot win at the ballot box,” Mattis said.
He reiterated that the US is committed to the coalition campaign in Afghanistan.
“If we leave 20 odd of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world centered in that region and we know what will happen,” Mattis said. “”Our intelligence service is very specific that we will be under attack.”
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.