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UN report on Afghanistan situation based on malicious groups’ propaganda

The United Nations Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team for the UN Security Council Committee, in its annual report, said that it considered the return of the Islamic Emirate an exclusionary policy of the late 1990s. The report said that the threat from militant groups was rising that jeopardizes the security of the region. The report, mostly focused on ISIS or the so-called Islamic State’s Khorasan branch becoming more sophisticated and lethal in Afghanistan. The UNSC report said that “the Taliban [the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] have not delivered on the counter-terrorism provisions under the Agreement with the U.S. to bring peace to Afghanistan” and that it inaccurately noted that the link between the Islamic Emirate and both al-Qaeda and other militant groups such as Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) remain strong and symbiotic. In rejection of the inexact report from the UN, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, released a statement called “the continuation of UN Security Council sanctions and such reports as full of prejudice and in conflict with the principles of independence and non-interference and calls for an end to it.” “The accusations reflected in the report, that there are differences and disagreements between the leaders of the Afghan government, Afghanistan has become a safe haven for terrorists, drug trafficking is carried out by the officials of the Islamic Emirate, the monopoly of power, none existence of ethnic groups in the government structure, and etc… The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls the accusations baseless and obvious hostility with the people of Afghanistan as well as repetition of the baseless propaganda of the past 20-years,” said the statement from Islamic Emirate Supreme Leadership Office, as the senior Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid released on his Twitter page. The report, which is provided based on false and inaccurate information from some certain malicious groups, said that the Doha agreement was not committed by the Islamic Emirate. In fact, the international community was not committed to Afghanistan as it ought to have been, as they are repeatedly releasing reports based on false and inaccurate information from malicious individuals and former governments’ corrupt officials who have looted public property and built luxury buildings abroad. The report is away from the truth as ethnic groups of the country have a share in the current government. On the other hand, it is a clear fact and all the world understands that no threat has been posed to any country from Afghanistan and that it will not happen in the future. So, both the Islamic Emirate and the Muslim people of Afghanistan call on the UN and other international political organizations that any decision and judgment should be based on realities not under some biased media or malicious group’s information. On the other hand, ISIS militants have been suppressed enough that they will no longer be able to operate. Impartial media and any other fact-finding organizations can visit different parts of Afghanistan and see if there were any militant groups with safe heaven inside the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.